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a39 - Cl 2 bromine Br 2 iodine I 2 The non-ionic inorganic...

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Naming Molecular Compounds Most elements can be drawn by just using the symbols. However, the most stable form for many elements is a compound rather than the individual atom. The most common examples of these binary (2 atom) compounds are shown in the following table. hydrogen H 2 nitrogen N 2 oxygen O 2 fluorine F 2 chlorine
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Unformatted text preview: Cl 2 bromine Br 2 iodine I 2 The non-ionic inorganic compounds (molecular inorganic compounds) are similar to these compounds but are combinations of two or more nonmetallic elements. Most of these compounds are combinations of elements from Groups IVA to VIIA with one another or with hydrogen....
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