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Jesse Peterson Professor Gibson Classics of Western Lit 12/9/2009 Hell or the Underworld? Many ancient Greek stories including Homer’s Odyssey, Dante’s Inferno and Milton’s Paradise Lost speak a lot about their versions of Hell and the Underworld. There are many key differences between each piece of writing however. Inferno and Paradise Lost are the only stories of the three that refer to the location as Hell or opposite of Heaven. Homer’s story of the Odyssey is the only place out of the three that refers to the place as the Underworld. Besides the differing name there are a number of differences from each pieces description of Hell and the Underworld including: scenes of punishment, what type of people belong there, special characters that are found there, and the limitations of the area. The three stories are consistent with certain qualities of Hell but also differ in many other ways. Concerning the name of the location, we dive into the three stories and notice that they differ even with the title that they give to the place of death and toil. Regarding the name found in Inferno and Paradise Lost, the authors Dante and John Milton refer to the
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Biblical term of Hell. For Milton’s story, it makes sense for him to label it as Hell because it is Satan’s realm. His story, although he takes a few liberties and adds to the plot of the Beginning and the Fall, still follows biblical passages very truthfully. The story contains the large big-idea sections from the Bible and also adds some secret details of Satan’s thoughts and interactions with other devils in Hell. This element puts many more images into our brains about Hell and those beings that exist and live in Hell. Milton does a wonderful job in describing the scenes that occur in Hell which help to
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English Paper #3 - Jesse Peterson Professor Gibson Classics...

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