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Close Reading II - Jesse Peterson Prof. Gibson Classics of...

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Jesse Peterson Prof. Gibson Classics of Western Lit 11/10/2009 The Gods: More Human Than You’d Think Throughout many of the early Greek stories, the gods have always been displayed as powerful, majestic, supernatural beings that are most known for bringing demise upon those who oppose them. However, there are instances where the gods have shown their “human nature” sides. There have been a number of examples throughout Pythia’s speech in the beginning lines of The Eumenides. One example can be found on line seven of Pythia’s speech. This example tells about how the Titan Phoebe gave up the throne that was passed down from Mother Earth to her brother Phoebus as a birthday gift. Another such instance tells about Apollo, who simply picked his stuff up and moved to another place to make his home. It is very interesting how the gods are portrayed in both the all-powerful supernatural, along with some human tendencies. The concept that is portrayed by Phoebe’s birthday gift to Phoebus seems very confusing when thinking about the gods. Birthday gifts are a very human, mortal concept because the gods are immortal and never die, and most likely never age. This seems to defeat the purpose of birthday presents, since they never get older, just their age increases in number. Also, since gods can never die, they will simply have “birthdays” for eternity. I also found this sequence pretty
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Close Reading II - Jesse Peterson Prof. Gibson Classics of...

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