121B-Overview-Final Project(Afr-Am) (1)

121B-Overview-Final Project(Afr-Am) (1) - ESL 121B Research...

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ESL 121B Research Project: African-American History and Culture Overview What is the research project? A short research paper (1 ½ to 2 pages). A short poster presentation What topic can I choose? Choose someone important in African-American history and culture Choose someone whose name most Americans would recognize. Think about An African-American jazz musician, like Louis Armstrong or Billie Holiday. Civil rights activists, such as Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., Medgar Evers or A. Philip Randolph Athletes, like Jackie Robinson or Joe Lewis or Mohammed Ali or Althea Gibson Lawyers and judges, like Thurgood Marshall or Benjamin Hooks Scientists, like George Washington Carver, Benjamin Banneker, or others http://www.infoplease.com/spot/bhmscientists1.html Do not choose your topic too quickly. View some videos available in our library (some are listed on the ESL web site under Resources) to decide on a time period first. It is important that you choose a topic of interest to you
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121B-Overview-Final Project(Afr-Am) (1) - ESL 121B Research...

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