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Cultural Analysis - Julio Resendez The revolution of...

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Julio Resendez The revolution of business and social networking Some of us don’t like to admit it. Our obsession and addiction to social networking sites such as Myspace, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. It has become a breeding ground for start-ups, business ideas, and most importantly, money. Whether you choose to advertise to your target market, or develop applications on Facebook’s platform, there is plenty of money still waiting to be made through online networking. Yet other visionaries have found new and creative uses that increase productivity, and boost revenues. These are the businesses that are looking at tomorrow and applying it today. Although social networking sites and business are slow to intertwine, one day they will go hand-in-hand. Ten years ago, if someone told you, you could become a billionaire by hosting a site that brings people together, you would be skeptical, and much less interested to say the least. But a trend emerged that no one could have predicted, and it’s a billion dollar industry. Ever since the turn of the new century, online business has been booming. Sites such as EBay and Amazon have been making good money as the sites that let you shop without ever leaving your house. This revolutionary idea stood above the classic catalog and telephone way of shopping. You no longer had to talk to annoying sales people, stay on hold, or even give out your credit card information without a sense of security. The day of going paperless had finally been accepted by the majority of the public. But aside from shopping sites and search engines, we needed something else. Well, we didn’t actually need anything else until Myspace came out. Which made some of us realize that maybe we had a problem, and that we were addicted to this online social monstrosity.
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Facebook and Twitter jumped on the wagon soon after that but the site that gets little credit for its ongoing success is YouTube. YouTube is churning out musical prodigies,
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Cultural Analysis - Julio Resendez The revolution of...

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