ch02_MCSP_Credit_Card_Bank - Offer Status Charges Aug 2008...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Offer StatusCharges Aug 2008Charges Sept 2008Charges Oct 2008Marketing SegmentIndustry SegmentSpendlift After Prom Free Flight Insurance189.782080.570Average SpenderB95.93150.39246.32NoNoYes Double Miles + Free Flight Insurance129.95124.45499.82Low SpenderB92.4890.32182.80NoYesYes Rtl w/o Enr40.240.252.52Low SpenderA5.6314.9320.55YesNoYes Rtl w/o Enr40.52354.3246.64Average SpenderT-1.5545.8644.30YesNoNo No Offer777.34627.931048.92Med Low SpenderA-860.321257.37397.05YesYesNo Free Flight Insurance1121.6643.71042.58Med High SpenderT233.71864.591098.30NoNoYes Rtl w/o Enr530.89693.982679.55Low SpenderB-479.061373.82894.76YesNoNo No Offer1257.04685.761560.14Med High SpenderA-370.521152.27781.75YesYesNo Rtl w/o Enr52053.04Average SpenderA144.570.00144.57YesNoYes Double Miles + Free Flight Insurance803.36369.29392.19High SpenderT451.30154.63605.93NoYesYes Free Flight Insurance238.32249.14245.37Average SpenderB-8.41253.61245.19NoNoNo Double Miles + Free Flight Insurance849.244187.392982.66Low SpenderT1038.483740.374778.86NoYesYes Free Flight Insurance2028.563607.21547.19Med High SpenderT-344.041150.51806.47NoNoNo Double Miles + Free Flight Insurance23.6123.922.77Average SpenderB100.5522.34122.89NoYesYes Free Flight Insurance346.2354.4997.41Average SpenderB154.78179.47334.25NoNoYes Rtl w/o Enr3946.293924.447227.44Med Low SpenderB516.01162.42678.43YesNoYes Double Miles + Free Flight Insurance140.329045Low SpenderB-33.86124.6990.83NoYesNo Rtl w/o Enr3002.532806.091097.8Med Low SpenderB-217.102088.751871.64YesNoNo Free Flight Insurance343.92341.914308.2High SpenderT120.00-30.4689.54NoNoYes Double Miles + Free Flight Insurance3436.942714.912570.88Low SpenderB-1097.432881.631784.20NoYesNo Double Miles + Free Flight Insurance758.33748.011671.97High SpenderR235.96608.36844.32NoYesYes Free Flight Insurance224.88716.83957.06Med Low SpenderA-408.94696.37287.43NoNoNo Double Miles + Free Flight Insurance6331.644139.594659.83Low SpenderT-1905.286279.534374.26NoYesNo Free Flight Insurance827.251133.54456.53High SpenderA-90.92134.6443.72NoNoNo
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This note was uploaded on 04/29/2010 for the course COMM 291 taught by Professor E.fowler during the Spring '10 term at The University of British Columbia.

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ch02_MCSP_Credit_Card_Bank - Offer Status Charges Aug 2008...

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