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0924_Labor Unions_1_webct - The Nature and Role of Labor...

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Unformatted text preview: The Nature and Role of Labor Unions I COMM392: Managing Employment Relationship 103/104 Fall 2009 Yoshio Yanadori Domain/Coverage Apply to all workers including those in unionized organizations Collective agreements cannot contain less favorable terms but allowed to exceed the minima employees Employment Standards Legislation Sets minimum working conditions Human Rights Legislation Prohibits discrimination Health and Safety Legislation Prevents workplace illnesses and injuries Workers Compensation Legislation Compensates workers for workrelated illnesses and injuries Privacy Legislation Addresses how organizations handle personal information Workplace Safety Legislation Workers Compensation Act BC Protection from occupational injury and illness Set safety standards (e.g., permitted chemicals, hazard information) Adjudicator in BC WorkSafeBC formerly know as BC Workers' Compensation Board (SRP I1I8, http://www.worksafebc.com/ ) http://www.worksafebc.com/ Inspectors can enter the workplace at any time Rights and obligations Employers Due diligence requirement Filing accident reports Posting safety notices and legislative information Employees Right to refuse unsafe work if they have reasonable cause to believe that the work is dangerous Obligation to wear protective clothing and equipment A PPT Note from Last Thursday Pay wages for work actually done Provide a reasonably safe workplace Treat the employee fairly Give reasonable notice of termination Workers Compensation Legislation Compensating victims suffered from work related accidents and illnesses Benefits include: Payment of expenses for medical treatment and rehabilitation Income benefits during the period when the worker is unable to work Survivor benefits in case of workrelated death Funded by employers Higher premiums for firms with more claims Adjudicator WorksafeBC Privacy Legislation Address how organizations handle personal information of employees, customers, and others Employers may collect and use personal information only when it is relevant to managing the employment relationship Asking the name of spouse in the application form? Asking the number of dependent family members? BC Personal Information Protection Act Adjudicator: Information and Privacy Commissioner of BC Refer to SRP E1E2 Nature and Role of Labor Unions: Objectives Norma Rae Be familiar with some key statistics concerning labor unions and understand their implications Understand why workers want to organize union (and why not) Definition Trade union: Organization providing representation for employees on collective or group basis Has the objective of improving employee working conditions Collective agreement: Terms and conditions of employment that apply equally to all employees Is legal contract and its terms are fixed for the length of the contract Must comply with employment standard, human rights, and workplace health and safety legislation Supersedes any individual employment contracts Union and employer negotiate to reach this agreement (bargaining) Norma Rae (1979) Today and next Tuesday Inspired by a true story Sally Field won the Academy's best actress award Questions What factors drove workers to want to organize/join a union? (Today) Why some workers resisted against union? What's the process of organizing a union? (next Tuesday) Unionization Decisions (textbook pages 109113) Why employees unionize? Why employees do not unionize? Compensation Fairness, equity Job security Working condition Workload Voice in policy making Inadequate managers Complaint mechanism Employer policies Union dues Political and social activities Strikes Loyalty to the employer Conflict Merit Belief that unions protect lazy and incompetent employees Flexibility Employer retaliation Job loss Lack of opportunity to unionize Union Density Union density % of nonagricultural workers who are union members Canada (30%) much higher than US (12%) Density varies across industries and provinces Higher in the public sector than in the private sector Some statistics Union density in BC 30.2% (in 2006) Salary differential Union = 21.05/hr Nonunion = 16.65/hr * Most recent statistics ( http://www.hrsdc.gc.ca/eng/labour/labour_relations/info_analysis/union_membership/index.shtml ) Next Class Nature and Role of Labor Unions II Norma Rae, the second half Textbook Chapter 4, pages 7592 ...
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