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Assignment - 3 In documentation describe a coding and...

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Assignment: Sorting using CUDA Write a CUDA program to sort given data. - Specification Your program must include following features 1. Sort given data in ascending order. 2. Output sorted result as a file with same format as the input. 2. Time Evaluation Print time spent on a. CPU->GPU memory transfer b. Kernel execution (actual sorting) c. GPU->CPU memory transfer d. total processing (a+b+c) CUDA event object is recommended to implement this feature. Weird evalution values caused by using traditional CPU-side timestamp functions and GPU-CPU asynchronicity will count against your score. 3. Scalability Your code must be executed properly with reasonable performance on any CUDA compute capability 1.2+ hardware. 4. Optimization Enhance your program using optimization techniques you learned. - Submission 1. Due : 11/3 24:00 2. Email program source and a documentation. (to @vplab.snu.ac.kr)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. In documentation, describe a. coding and evaluation environment b. your performance evaluation result c. detail sorting algorithm you implemented d. optimization method you used and speedup- Evaluation Criteria 1. To rate scalability, Evaluation for scoring will be conducted on both high-end and low-end hardware. 2. Scoring- Performance: 70%- on High-end H/W: 35%- on Low-end H/W: 35%- Optimization: 20%- I/O and instruction throughput- warp serialize/bank conflict- other optimization issues- Documentation: 10% 3. Additional points for creative sorting algorithms and optimization methods Data 200 million float (binary) ordered : fully sorted (ascending ordered) reversed : fully reversed (descending ordered) partial : partially sorted (60% ordered) unordered : randomly shuffled...
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Assignment - 3 In documentation describe a coding and...

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