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Tribes Tungus - Tribes: The Reindeer Tungus of Siberia...

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Tribes: The Reindeer Tungus of Siberia Until the 16 th century, peopled almost exclusively by primitive societies and had little contact with European Russia except through the occasional trading adventurer Domesticated reindeer came to take the place of cattle, sheep, and horses Sea is shallow, land low and swampy Native peoples have no crops and no other domesticated animal except the dog Tungus saddles are similar to horse saddles of the Mongols Southern Tungus practice some agriculture and breed cattle and horses Northern Tungus are mainly reindeer herders and hunters Winters are long and the coldest in the world, and snowfall is relatively light The frozen land thaws only partially during the summer Reindeer eat lichens/moss, which is their only food for 8 or 9 months, and is supplemented by willow shoots and reeds The population density for the region is about 1 person per 100 square miles Tungus repel mosquitoes by building smoky fires around which the animals congregate by day Travelling is done mostly at night in the summer to avoid the pests A herd may lose as many as 50% of its number from wolves in the winter Wild bulls are often attracted to domesticated stock during breeding season but are destroyed, as they are deemed worthless, as are the mixed spawn Tungus don’t slaughter reindeer for meat except in cases of imminent starvation or rare important ceremonial rituals. Kind and affectionate to reindeer No whips or the like are used to supplement voice commands Principal use of reindeer is for riding, and pack animal use is secondary Trap squirrels, foxes, and sables; wild reindeer, deer, elk, bear, wolves and boars are hunted with flintlock guns. Earlier times, with bow and arrow Fishing is practiced when near a good stream Products of the hunt provide food, clothing, and shelter Toolkit: muzzleloading flintlock guns, powder and shot, steel knives and axes, kettles and other metal utensils, and tea and tobacco are traded for furbearing animal skins Trousers are short and need extra leg protectors above and around the knee
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Tribes Tungus - Tribes: The Reindeer Tungus of Siberia...

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