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Review sheet for Personality - Review sheet Personlity...

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Review sheet Personlity first exam 2008 1. The golden age of personality psychology at Livingston College 2. Death of the golden age - 3. Invariant organizing principle (atwood and stolorow), unity thema (murray), nuclear scene and script (tomkins) 4. Personology 5. The “diagnostic council” in personological studies 6. The intensive, in-depth case study 7. Positivism (Comte), a self-cancelling idea 8. Behaviorism 9. The Unholy Trinity of Watson, Skinner, and Hull 10. William Blake and Newtonian materialism 11. Materialism, determinism, rationalism: the Newtonian-Galilean Weltanschauung 12. Seligman’s learned helplessness studies, Guantanamo, and Seligman’s childhood trauma 13. J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan, the tragedy of Barrie’s early family 14. The meaning of fantasies of flight in relation to early bonds to the mother 15. C.G. Jung’s early childhood history and the splitting of his selfhood into No. 1 and No. 2 16. The psychology of knowledge and the sociology of knowledge(Faces in a Cloud) 17. Decentering in the genesis of knowledge 18. Relation between the subjectivity and the validity of a theory of personality 19. Pure phenomenology, methodological objectivism, and behaviorism 20. Freud’s feelings toward his mother, and their impact on his theory 21. Freud’s tendency to form idealizing relationships 22. The purpose of psychobiographical analysis of personality theories 23. Freud’s speculative theory of the girl’s psychosexual development 24. Subjective anthropomorphism (Hull) and mechanomorphism (Maslow) 25. Watson’s turn to atheism 26. Freud’s attitude toward the possible existence of God 27. Marshall Applewhite and Larry Walker: similarities and differences (Fantasies of Flight) 28. Perry Smith and the dream of the great parrot (Fantasies of Flight) 29. Skinner’s “dark year” of depression and its relation to his behaviorism 30. Watson’s getting fired from Johns Hopkins for the “sin” of adultery 31. Freud’s study of Leonardo and its problems (Fantasies of Flight) 32. The death instinct in Freud’s Civilization and its Discontents 33. The oceanic feeling in Freud in Civilization and its Discontents 34. Skinner’s Walden Two 35. Dasein and its aspects of being-with and being-in-the-world 36. Dasein’s tendency to objectify itself 37. Creelan’s view of the Little Albert experiment and what it symbolized 38. Dreams of the annihilating dark spots and the little men with their strings and hooks 39. Dilthey’s distinction between the natural sciences and the human sciences Personality Psychology ? Prof. George E. Atwood Email: [email protected]
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Class website: Cool website: Syllabus A) Test 1-1st week of March 1. Daniel Ogilvie ? Fantasies of Flight (entire book) 3. Freud ? Civilizations and it?s Discontent (entire book)
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Review sheet for Personality - Review sheet Personlity...

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