hw5 - } * | w = a n b n c n } is not context free.) Problem...

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ECS 120: Introduction to the Theory of Computation Homework 5 Problem 1. Describe the language of the following CFG grammar S aSb | bY | Y a , Y bY | aY | ± . Problem 2. Prove that the class of Context Free Languages (CFLs) are not closed under intersection and complement. (Assume you know that L = { w ∈ { a,b,c
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Unformatted text preview: } * | w = a n b n c n } is not context free.) Problem 3. Convert the following grammar into Chomsky Normal Form: A BAB | B | B 00 | . Problem 4. Prove that every Regular language is also Context Free (i.e. there exists a CFG for all L Reg ). 1...
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