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hw7 - ECS 120 Introduction to Theory of Computation...

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ECS 120: Introduction to Theory of Computation Homework 7 Problem 1. A Stay-put Turing Machine is defined as a TM which after reading/writing to a tape cell can move the tape head either left, right, or leave it put in the same cell. Show that a Stay-put TM is equivalent to a TM. (Hint: Consider adding states to the finite control.) Problem 2. Show that a k -stack PDA (a k -PDA), for k 2 is equivalent to a Turing Machine. Problem 3. Specify fully a Turing Machine for the language { ww R | w ∈ { a, b } * } . Problem 4. Prove that a language L is decidable if and only if some enumerator enu- merates L in lexicographic order. Bonus A k-pebble machine
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