hw8 - they are acceptable but not decidable. a) L = {h M i...

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ECS 120: Theory of Computation Homework 8 Problem 1. Sipser, Exercise 3.7. Problem 2. Sipser, Problem 3.16, b) and c). Problem 3. Prove that a language L is decidable if and only if some enumerator enu- merates L in lexicographic order. Problem 4. Classify the following languages as decidable , acceptable , or neither , and give an algorithm (i.e. decision procedure) if they are decidable or a TM if you think
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Unformatted text preview: they are acceptable but not decidable. a) L = {h M i : M accepts some even-length string } . b) L = {h α i : α is shortest regular expression for L ( α ) } . c) L = {h M i : M is a C-program that halts on h M i} . d) L = {h M,w i : M is a TM which uses at most 11 tape squares when run on w } . Bonus Problem. Sipser, Problem 3.17. 1...
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