Aggression Chap 11

Aggression Chap 11 - Aggression 1 Overview March 10th a...

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Aggression - Chap 11 March 10 th 2010 1) Overview : a) Prevalence: In our western society we are a very aggressive group of people b) Definition : it is a behaviour that is intended to bring physical and/or psychological hurt or harm to a person or animal who wishes not to be harmed or hurt. Violence is more physical than psychological c) 3 types of aggression: i) Offensive aggression : types of behaviour that is coming from another individual. Being forced to do something we are totally against, like slavery by government ii) Instrumental aggression : where aggression is a mean by which one gets something (a bully) iii) Angry aggression : aggressive behaviour is the ultimate result of anger, emotion 2) Causes of human aggression a) Learned habits : according to Bandura, who believes we learn through observation, we observe aggressive behaviour and then we model it. (Monkey see, monkey do). We learn through reinforcement and the concept of reinforcement suggests that reinforcement causes behaviour to reoccur. Similarly, aggression can be reinforced. Tare some individual
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Aggression Chap 11 - Aggression 1 Overview March 10th a...

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