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AN S W E R S T he D is t r ibu ti on of Sam p le Mea ns . I nt ro du ct io n to H yp o the se s T e sti n g 1. A company embarks on a new program to boost morale and reduce the amount of absenteeism. The company has recorded an average of 10.5 absences per employee per year with a standard deviation of 4, and an approximately normal distribution. The president of the company sets a goal of μ = 7absences per year for the employees. A random sample of 8 employees was used. The personnel director believes this is overly optimistic and cannot be achieved. a. Is there a significant difference between the sample mean and the president’s goal? Test with alpha set at .05. STEP 1 : Null Hypothesis: μ 7 Research Hypothesis: μ < 7 STEP 2 : Determine the characteristics of the sampling distribution Mean = 10.5; Standard deviation = 4; Standard error of the mean = σ x = σ / n = 4/ 8= 1.41 STEP 3 : Determine the cutoff sample score (I Call this the critical region)
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