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March 8, 2010 Exercises on Confidence intervals #1. What is the best estimate of a population mean and why? #2. What is a 95% confidence interval? #3. A researcher predicts that showing a certain film will change people's attitudes towards alcohol. The researchers then randomly select 36 people, show them the film, and give them an attitude questionnaire. The mean score on the attitude test for these 36 people is 70. The score for people in general on this test is 75, with a standard deviation of 12. a) Find the best point estimate of the mean of people who see the film.
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Unformatted text preview: b) Construct the 95% confidence interval. c) What can you conclude? #4. On a perceptual task, participants must sort cards with certain shapes into separate piles. The data reveal a normal distribution with an average completion time of M = 92 seconds a SD = 11. A sample of 5 participants with frontal lobe damage is tested on the task. For these participants, the sample mean is 100 seconds. a) Construct the 95% confidence interval. b) Construct the 99% confidence interval....
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