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Exercises_on_dependent-samples_t-test - Solve this problem...

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March 22, 2010 Exercises on Dependent Samples t-Test #1. Describe the data analyzed by a t test for dependent samples. #2. Describe the situation in which you would use a t test for dependent means. #3. When doing a t test for dependent means, what do you do with the two scores you have for each participant? #4. In a t test for dependent means, (a) what is usually considered to be the mean of the "known" population, and (b) why? #5. A psychologist wanted to know if her anxiety-reducing program was effective in reducing test anxiety. The average test anxiety level at her college was 12, and the variance unknown. Five participants were trained in her anxiety reduction method, and then their test anxiety level was measured. The results were as follows: Subject Before After 1 13 10 2 14 17 3 9 11 4 15 8 5 16 8 Does her program significantly reduce test anxiety (at the .05 level)?
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Unformatted text preview: Solve this problem explicitly using all five steps of hypothesis testing. #6. A cognitive psychologist theorizes that people will be able to form sentences with pleasant words quicker than with unpleasant words. To test her hypothesis, she creates a list of equal numbers of pleasant and unpleasant words. Participants are then asked to form a sentence using each word. Five participants are used, and the average time it takes each participant to do the pleasant and unpleasant words are shown in the table below. Mean Reaction Time (in Seconds) Subject Pleasant Unpleasant 1 .44 .51 2 .33 .51 3 .60 .74 4 .59 .77 5 .68 .55 Is the time it takes participants to come up with a sentence different for the two kinds of words (using the .05 level of significance)?...
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Exercises_on_dependent-samples_t-test - Solve this problem...

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