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Dependent Samples t-Test Or Two-Sample Dependent t-test Chapter 12 2 From One Population M to Two Population M • The focus so-far has been on making inferences about a single population from a single sample. • However, most of the time we will obtain two samples , and compare the two populations from which the samples were selected. • We will now study the difference between groups of observations. • When a researcher uses the same individuals in both groups, as in a before-after comparison, they are said to be Dependent samples. 3 From One Population M to Two Population M • When none of the observations in one group is in any way related to observations in the other group (e.g., males vs females in stats exam), then they are said to be Independent samples. (we will talk about this next week ). • The same general logic as for testing hypothesis about means of single populations will be used. • A research design that involves “ dependent samples” is one where the observations from one sample are related in some way to those from the other.
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4 The t-Test For Dependent Means • Is used when the two sets of scores are “correlated”. – Before and after scores for the same individuals – this is known as a repeated-measures design . • The interest is in the difference between the pre-test mean and the post-test mean. – Scores obtained under different conditions for subjects
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Psyc_315_-_Winter_2010_-_Class_20 - Dependent Samples...

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