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Antoine Ngoupou MBA 516 Mr. Don Francis August 10, 2009 Human Resources frame The Human resource frame highlights the relationship between people and the organization for which they work for, in a sense it can be viewed as comparing the organization to a big family. In order for the family to function well and to be happy together, each individual need must be met while keeping in mind the family values and objectives. As mentioned by Bolman and Deal, the human resource frame central concepts focus on the needs, relationships and skills. The challenge most organization encounters comes with aligning the company goals with the needs of their employees. In any businesses, employees are looking to be recognized, and values by the management in order for them to perform to the best of their abilities. When the communication lines between a company and its employees is poor, the individuals might feel neglected which can lead the organization to suffer due to the fact that employees might withdrawn their efforts and pay less attention to the task at hand. The fact is when employees find satisfaction and meaning in work, the company
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is more likely to profit from its effective use of the individuals’ talent and energy. The insurance agency for which I am currently working is fairly
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Human resources - Antoine Ngoupou MBA 516 Mr Don Francis...

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