Book Critique - To: John Doe From: Antoine Ngoupou April 9,...

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To: John Doe From: Antoine Ngoupou April 9, 2009 Book Critique of Even Eagles Need a Push Even Eagles Need a Push is an empowering book written by David McNally. Through his personal experience and the one’s of others he met or read, the author is taking its reader into a journey of self discovery. This book is destined to empower individuals and to make them aware of their most crucial assets. In his book, McNally teaches individuals how to self appreciate themselves, in order to have a winning mentality. The lack of appreciation of oneself always results in false beliefs of what one can accomplish. In other words we should not let false beliefs hold us back and shed our victim mentality. As he mentioned we need to be able to forgive ourselves sometimes to be able to reach or achieve certain goals or just to move to the next step of our life. Before we can advance in the walks of life, we need to define our purpose in this earth. Defining our purpose is one of the major points discussed in this book, and in order to do so, the author wants us to know that “our life matter.” To illustrate the journey toward identifying the purpose of our lives, McNally has used the life experience of Terry a Canadian cancer victim who ran 3,000 miles to raise money for cancer research, despite losing a leg through cancer. Terry’s experience did not only cover the power of purpose but also thought what it meant to be committed to something. Despite the adversity that he had encountered throughout his marathon, Terry never gave up. Commitment will distinguished all top performers, and it will drive confident people to overcome obstacles and never give up. To be committed to something, means having a vision for our lives. We need to have a clear understanding of what we are trying to accomplish, in order for us to set up a plan of actions which will enable us to reach our goals. As he mentioned in his book, people can only
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Book Critique - To: John Doe From: Antoine Ngoupou April 9,...

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