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Unformatted text preview: Homework #11 (Optional) If you choose to turn in your work, you must leave your work in the TA's mailbox in Room 101, Illini Hall by 4 pm, May 1. 1. Refer to the multicenter study discussed in class on April 22 (also see the same data in http://www.stat.uiuc.edu/~x-he/stat426/stat426Yr08/glimmix.pdf). If you use data from the last 10 centers only, perform the statistical analysis to see if the difference in the two procedures A and B is statistically significant. 2. From a class of 30 students, we can take a random sample of 15 to estimate the average number of hours the students spend every week for this class. The sample mean is 8 hours and the sample standard deviation is 1.5 hours. Give an approximate 95% confidence interval for the average number of hours spent by the students for this class. 3. If the same sample of 15 students were taken from a very large class, would your confidence interval be wider or narrower? By how much? ...
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