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A İ NG İ L İ ZCE Di ğ er sayfaya geçiniz. 1 1. – 15. sorularda, cümlede bo ş b ı rak ı lan yer- lere uygun dü ş en sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulu- nuz. 1. A strong ---- exists between a country’s wealth and the freedom afforded its citizens. A) coincidence B) correlation C) consideration D) determination E) interpretation 2. Satellite television transmission now makes it ---- for us to watch events as they unfold in other countries. A) worldwide B) substantial C) aware D) commonplace E) liable 3. Latin American countries on average export only about 10 per cent of their products to other Latin American countries but ---- 20 per cent of them to the US. A) almost B) fairly C) respectively D) initially E) extensively 4. Until the sixteenth century, when the first international postal agreement was ----, there was no postal system as we know it today. A) assigned B) maintained C) enacted D) seized E) conducted 5. There has been increasing pressure in the US to ---- the amount of funding allocated to foreign aid, and instead, use the funds to improve the domestic economy. A) make up for B) point out to C) keep up with D) cut down on E) take up with 6. Many parts of rural America ---- to reflect the values and traditions of the European immigrants who ---- in the country during the nineteenth century. A) continued / have arrived B) have continued / would have arrived C) continue / arrived D) would have continued / were arriving E) will continue / would arrive 7. With few exceptions, most totalitarian governments ---- more liberal since 1989 when the Berlin Wall ----. A) became / falls B) are becoming / would fall C) were becoming / has fallen D) had become / was falling E) have become / fell 8. Of all the arts it ---- to classical music that Germany ---- the greatest contribution. A) had been / made B) is / has made C) has been / had made D) was / will have made E) might be / would have made
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A İ NG İ L İ ZCE Di ğ er sayfaya geçiniz. 2 9. Severity of autism ranges ---- those who are mute and have no functional behaviour ---- individuals with high IQ scores. A) into / among B) in / about C) between / of D) through / for E) from / to 10. Most companies would prefer to concentrate ---- domestic rather than foreign markets because of their greater familiarity ---- their own environments. A) in / of B) on / with C) over / by D) at / from E) for / to 11. Management must learn to determine market conditions in the countries ---- it is doing business. A) where B) what C) as for D) of which E) so that 12. ---- the growth in e-mail and fax transmissions, many communications are still best handled by face-to-face or voice-to-voice contact. A) Contrary to B) In spite of C) By means of D) Since E) As regards 13. ---- by making an internal analysis can a company set the overall rationale for its international activities. A) Still B) While C) Only D) Until E) Just as 14. ---- an organization depends on collaborative arrangements, ---- likely it is to lose control over decisions.
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kpds2006kasimingilizce - A NGLZCE 1 15 sorularda cmlede bo...

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