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Unformatted text preview: A NGLZCE 1. 15. sorularda, cmlede bo birakilan yerlere uygun den szck ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. 1. Anthony Powell, the contemporary British novelist, shows in his writing great familiarity with the work of Proust while avoiding much direct ---- to him. A) interest C) quotation B) dependence D) reference E) obsession 5. Kosrae is the smallest of the four island states that ---- the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), the largest and most populous political entity that emerged after World War II. A) keep away C) make up E) take on B) tie up with D) set down 2. Despite its small population and ---- remoteness, Australia occupies a powerful position in global science in general and life science in particular. A) ultimate C) relative E) recurrent B) sizeable D) extensive 6. Investigations by modern doctors ---- that Catherine the Great of Russia ---- from syphilis. A) have suggested / has suffered B) suggest / suffered C) had suggested / was suffering D) may have suggested / would have suffered E) suggested / suffers 3. The Allied bombing campaign against Germany in World War II exacted terrible damage on the country's factories, transportation network, population, and ---- very limited fuel-production capacity. A) already C) immediately E) rightly B) solely D) inadequately 7. This morning it ---- in the news that the great Italian tenor Pavarotti ---- of pancreatic cancer soon after midnight. A) had been reported / died 4. Soccer's many creative possibilities ---- in part from its being played on such a large field. A) entail C) conclude E) derive B) consist D) claim B) is reported / would die C) is being reported / dies D) was reported / had died E) has been reported / could have died Dier sayfaya geiniz. 1 A NGLZCE 8. The United States ---- expensive high-tech solutions to the problem of land-mine clearance, but simpler methods ---- more preferable. A) should pursue / were B) pursues / had been C) pursued / will have been D) would pursue / would have been E) has pursued / may be 12. One of the world's worst space flight disasters occurred on 28 January 1986, ---- the shuttle Challenger exploded soon after take-off, killing the crew of seven. A) if C) even if E) just as B) so that D) when 9. People who travel ---- airlines all have stories ---how bad the experience is when things go wrong. A) with / for C) on / about B) in / of D) at / over E) through / to 13. The discovery in 2001 of a juvenile dinosaur's spectacularly preserved fossil with feathers does indicate the dinosaur-bird connection, ---- it also casts new light on the mystery of why nature invented feathers in the first place. A) whether C) but E) whereas B) where D) so 10. Scientists have studied the health status of native people in the South Pacific ---- decades, and have noted the explosion of diet-related disease ---- the area. A) for / in C) through / about E) of / at B) throughout / over D) by / off 14. Contrary to perceptions outside Canada, the majority of Canadians are descended from the English, the Scots, and the Irish ---- from the French. A) rather than C) such as E) also B) more than D) and so 11. The Worldwatch Institute reported last year ---approximately four of the five McDonald's restaurants that opened every day in 2005 were outside the United States. A) if C) while E) that B) as D) when 15. Because of the wide variety of ethnicity in the United States, people speak English as ---- their native ---- their adopted tongue. A) rather / than C) more / than E) well / as B) either / or D) so much / as Dier sayfaya geiniz. 2 A NGLZCE 16. 20. sorularda, aaidaki parada numaralanmi yerlere uygun den szck ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. To determine a person's diet history, the doctor asks what foods (16) ---- in the previous 24 hours and what types of food are usually eaten. The person may be asked to keep a food diary, in which he lists everything he eats for three days. (17) ---- the physical examination, the doctor observes the person's general appearance and behaviour (18) ---the distribution of body fat and the functioning of body organs. (19) ---- the doctor suspects severe malnutrition, he orders a complete blood cell count and blood and urine tests to measure levels of vitamins, minerals, and waste products such as urea. Skin tests may also be ordered to (20) ---- certain types of immunity. 21. 25. sorularda, aaidaki parada numaralanmi yerlere uygun den szck ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. Bill Clinton's main legacy for race relations in the United States is that he helped to sustain and accelerate the desegregation of the higher circles of American life. On the psychological plane, he gently pushed the white American public to accept something that (21) ---- many whites today is (22) ---more in question than one would like to believe: that blacks really can be equal or (23) ---- superior to whites in performing the most crucial and difficult tasks demanded by our society. George W. Bush contributed to this process when he (24) ---- Colin Powell as Secretary of State. Through his appointment of blacks and genuine friendships with them, Clinton has deepened this (25) ---- in American life. 16. A) were being eaten C) will have been eaten B) had been eaten D) were eaten 21. A) under B) on D) besides E) for C) with E) are eaten 22. A) Out of D) Over B) At E) During C) By 17. A) decently C) even so B) still D) doubtfully E) excessively 18. A) as well as C) so as E) so that 24. A) While B) Even though D) Whether E) Even if C) If A) appoints C) has appointed B) had appointed D) appointed B) but also D) just as 23. A) also D) only B) more E) as C) even 19. E) would appoint 20. A) curtail C) emphasize E) assume B) realize D) assess 25. A) tendency C) exclusion E) intuition Dier sayfaya geiniz. B) allocation D) admission 3 A NGLZCE 26. 35. sorularda, verilen cmleyi uygun ekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz. 26. Until China becomes the most powerful nation in the world, with Chinese spoken universally, ----. A) the problems of wide variations in English may well be lessened B) English will remain the primary language of science and diplomacy C) many countries in the world have shifted to printing their scientific journals only in English D) immigrants to the United States or Britain acquire English rapidly and well E) people who speak English and another language have an advantage over those who speak only English 29. ----, yet it is not possible to go much further without any breakthroughs in battery technology. A) Electric cars don't make economic sense in view of the harsh environmental regulations in force B) Electric cars have simply been a technological failure C) Hybrid cars are certainly a step in the right direction D) Any fuel savings resulting from electric or hybrid cars are likely to be offset by the cost of the cars themselves E) One fears that the hybrid car may be yet another technological failure 27. ---- before grapes can be transformed into fine wine. A) Harvesting was a very costly and tiring process B) Farmers were expecting higher prices C) Drought does much damage to grape vines D) The farm workers in France have protested at lower wages E) There is much work to be done 30. ---- because he had led the country into four wars which he had lost, and brought economic ruin to his people. A) Serbia experienced widespread corruption under Milosevic, who ruled the country as a dictator, B) Many Serbians felt humiliated by the atrocities commited in Bosnia by the Milosevic government C) Milosevic's rule in Serbia literally meant political tyranny, which led to pro-democracy protests in the country, D) Milosevic, the ex-president of Serbia, was protested nationwide and then removed from power E) Today Serbia's writers constantly remind their people of the shameful past of their country under Milosevic 28. ---- what makes Hong Kong so exhilarating. A) It's hard to explain B) Many travellers are curious C) One soon becomes aware D) It has been debated E) We have been much impressed Dier sayfaya geiniz. 4 A NGLZCE 31. Many of the larger companies in Somalia have issued shares, ----. A) if the lack of a government in the country poses a wide range of problems B) since the local telecom offers the best and cheapest phone service in Africa C) although there is no stock exchange or financial authority of any sort in the country D) but business leaders have taken steps to increase the country's foreign-trade capacity E) even if foreign aid might have benefits as well as drawbacks 34. Climate change may alter the genetic composition of species, ----. A) but assessment of any shift in this respect requires genetic data sampled over time B) even though, for most species, environmental conditions have some impact on breeding C) despite the fact that recent analyses clearly show the magnitude and direction of genetic shifts in various populations D) which, according to the evidence available, is geographically widespread from North Africa to Scandinavia E) so long as one can observe the genetic impact that environmental differences have on living beings 32. Traditionally, textbooks on British government and politics have focused on institutions and behaviour ----. A) whether it is appropriate to describe the British Constitution as uncodified rather than unwritten B) in case political institutions and issues are inseparable and need to be discussed together C) just as a brief analysis of the leading types of government found in the modern world was left out D) because one had to explore in detail the impact of Thatcherism upon British politics E) while ignoring the controversies and issues which are the fundamentals of politics 35. ----, street crime in major Asian cities is still less common than in most European cities. A) Since the governments are concerned 33. Meteorites are extraterrestial complex rocks with roughly equal amounts of metal and silicates ----. A) because the moon has been studied extensively by spacecraft and has been sampled directly at a few locations B) which have major implications for the collisional history of planetary bodies C) whereby the various planetary and asteroidal bodies in the solar system contain a specific isotopic label D) so that each meteorite is a small sample of a much larger parent body, probably an unidentified asteroid E) while measurement of the oxygen isotopic composition of the Sun is the highest priority of NASA's Genesis mission B) Because severe measures had been taken C) Though it is rising sharply D) If one were to admit it E) Before reliable statistical data can be obtained Dier sayfaya geiniz. 5 A NGLZCE 36. 40. sorularda, verilen ngilizce cmleye anlamca en yakin Trke cmleyi bulunuz. 36. More than half of the work force walked out yesterday after the company announced it would close the plant to save millions of dollars. A) gcnn yarisindan fazlasi dn i yerini terk edince, irket, milyonlarca dolar tasarruf etmek amaciyla fabrikayi kapatabileceini belirtti. B) Milyonlarca dolari kurtarmak iin, irket, fabrikayi kapatacaini aiklayinca, i gcnn yaklaik yarisi dn i yerini terk etti. C) irketin, milyonlarca dolari kurtarmak iin, fabrikayi kapatacaini bildirmesi zerine, i gcnn yariya yakini dn ii birakip gitti. D) irket, milyonlarca dolar tasarruf etmek iin, fabrikayi kapatacaini ilan ettikten sonra, i gcnn yarisindan fazlasi dn i birakti. E) Dn i gcnn yarisina yakini i biraktii iin, irket, fabrikayi kapatacaini ve bylelikle milyonlarca dolar tasarruf edeceini aikladi. 38. In the 1970s in Britain, it seemed that union power had grown to the point where union leaders were amongst the most influential political figures in the country. A) 1970'li yillarda ngiltere'de sendika gc, sendika liderlerinin lkede en etkili siyasal kiilermi gibi grnmesine yol aacak bir noktaya gelmiti. B) 1970'lerin ngiltere'sinde sendika gc o kadar artmiti ki sendika liderleri lkenin en etkili siyasal kiileri gibi algilaniyordu. C) 1970'li yillarda ngiltere'de, sendika liderlerinin lkedeki en etkili siyasal kiilermi gibi grnmesinin nedeni, sendika gcnn airi bir noktaya gelmi olmasiydi. D) Sendika gc 1970'ler ngiltere'sinde yle bir noktaya gelmiti ki sendika liderleri, lkenin en etkili siyasal kiilerinden sayiliyordu. E) 1970'lerde ngiltere'de sendika gc, sendika liderlerinin lkede en etkili siyasal kiiler arasinda olma noktasina ulami gibi grnyordu. 37. Pressure groups are informal political institutions which, just like parties, seek to influence the decision-making process. A) Baski gruplari, karar alma srecini, tipki partiler gibi etkilemek iin aba gsteren gayriresm siyasal kurululardir. B) Gayriresm siyasal kurulular olan baski gruplari tipki partiler gibi karar alma srecini etkilemeyi amalarlar. C) Karar alma srecini etkileme amacini gden eitli baski gruplari, gayriresm siyasal kurulular olup partilere benzemektedir. D) Partilere ok benzeyen baski gruplari, gayriresm siyasal kurululardir ve karar alma srecini etkilemeye aliirlar. E) Tipki partiler gibi baski gruplari da karar alma srecini etkileyen gayriresm siyasal kurululardir. 39. During World War II many Britons believed that Churchill was clearly the man to lead the country to final victory, but few expected him to go on after the war. A) II. Dnya Savai'nda lkeyi kesin zafere ulatiracak kiilerden birinin Churchill olduuna inanan birok ngiliz, onun savatan sonra da liderliini srdreceini dnyordu. B) ngilizlerin ou, Churchill'in, II. Dnya Savai'nda lkeyi niha zafere ulatiracak kii olduuna inanmisa da birkai onun savatan sonra grevini srdreceini saniyordu. C) II. Dnya Savai sirasinda pek ok ngiliz, Churchill'in kesinlikle lkeyi niha zafere gtrecek kii olduuna inaniyor, ancak ok azi onun savatan sonra devam etmesini umuyordu. D) II. Dnya Savai boyunca ou ngiliz, lkeyi kesin zafere ulatiracak tek kii olan Churchill'in, sava sonrasinda da grevini srdreceini umuyordu. E) Churchill'in II. Dnya Savai sirasinda lkeyi mutlak zafere ulatiracak adam olduuna kesinlikle inanan pek ok ngilize karin sadece birka ngiliz onun sava sonrasinda da devam etmesini bekliyordu. Dier sayfaya geiniz. 6 A NGLZCE 40. A new approach that is being tested in the treatment of cancer is the possibility of mobilizing the immune system to attack tumour cells. A) Kanser tedavisinde denenmekte olan yeni bir yaklaim, tmr hcrelerine saldirmasi iin baiiklik sistemini harekete geirme olasiliidir. B) Baiiklik sistemini harekete geirerek tmr hcrelerini yok etmek, kanser tedavisinde uygulamaya konulan yeni bir yaklaimdir. C) Tmr hcrelerini yok edebilmek iin baiiklik sisteminin etkisini artirmak, kanser tedavisinde zerinde durulan yeni bir yaklaimdir. D) Kanser tedavisinde ortaya konan yeni bir yaklaima gre, tmr hcreleri ile mcadele etmek iin baiiklik sistemini tmden etkili kilmak gerekir. E) Kanser tedavisinde zerinde durulan yeni bir yaklaim, baiiklik sisteminin etkisinden yararlanarak tmr hcrelerini yok edebilmektir. 42. Bildiimiz gibi, Amerika Birleik Devletleri anayasasina gre, Kongre sinirsiz bir yasama yetkisine sahip deildir. A) As far as we know, the Constitution of the United States of America does not grant to Congress unlimited powers for legislation. B) As we know, according to the Constitution of the United States of America, Congress does not have unlimited power of legislation. C) We know that, according to the Constitution of the United States of America, Congress cannot exercise unlimited power for legislation. D) As is well known to us all, Congress is denied by the Constitution of the United States of America the right to use unlimited power for legislation. E) As we all know, Congress's unlimited power of legislation has been curtailed by the Constitution of the United States of America. 43. Kadinlarin bilimsel aratirmalardaki durumuna ilikin olarak denilebilir ki temel sorun, kadinlari bilime ekmek deil, ancak yetitirildikten sonra onlari bilim iinde tutabilmektir. A) On the part women play in scientific studies, it is to be emphasized that the initial problem is not if women find science attractive but if they can be involved in it after their training. B) One may argue about the position of women in scientific studies that the major problem is not how to attract women into science, but how to employ them as soon as they complete their training. C) With reference to the role of women in science, it must be stated that the primary problem is not whether women can take part in scientific research but whether they can be relied on after they have been trained. D) As for the role of women in scientific research, one can maintain that the ultimate problem is not whether science is attractive to women but whether, following their training, they can contribute to it. E) As regards the status of women in scientific research, it may be said that the fundamental problem is not attracting them to science but retaining them in science after they have been trained. 41. 45. sorularda, verilen Trke cmleye anlamca en yakin ngilizce cmleyi bulunuz. 41. Yillik olarak retilen 67 milyon ton dokuma ipliinin yarisindan fazlasi petrolden elde edilen sentetiklerdir. A) Half of the synthetics produced from petroleum within a year make up more than 67 million tons of textile fibres. B) Annually, 67 million tons of textile fibres are produced, almost half of which are synthetics based on petroleum. C) About half of the 67 million tons of textile fibres which are produced in a year are synthetics made essentially from petroleum. D) More than half of the 67 million tons of textile fibres produced annually are synthetics made from petroleum. E) Petroleum-based synthetics account for about half of the annual production of textile fibres, which amounts to 67 million tons. Dier sayfaya geiniz. 7 A NGLZCE 44. Uyku haplari, zellikle birka haftadan daha uzun sre veya yksek dozlarda dzenli olarak kullanildiinda, bazi insanlarda baimlilia neden olabilir. A) When people take sleeping pills regularly at particularly high doses for much longer than one or two weeks, they become very dependent on these medicines. B) If sleeping pills are used regularly at high doses for a few weeks or longer, some people in particular can develop an addiction to them. C) Sleeping pills, especially when used regularly for longer than a few weeks or at high doses, can cause dependency in some people. D) So long as sleeping pills are taken at very high doses for several weeks or longer, they can cause dependency in a number of people. E) Some people can be particularly addicted to sleeping pills when used at high doses or for much longer than several weeks. 46. 51. sorularda, bo birakilan yere, parada anlam btnln salamak iin getirilebilecek cmleyi bulunuz. 46. This year a lot of good things have happened in the US economy. US companies have become more competitive, and exports are now booming. This strong export growth is helping to stabilize the trade gap, and slower US demand will bring down imports. ----. Moreover, long-term interest rates are still low, stock prices are setting records, and the economy continues to grow at a moderate pace. A) The biggest danger in the weeks ahead is a US recession, since currency markets began to worry at the end of 2006 that the housing recession could spill over to other areas of the economy B) In the meantime, profits from overseas operations and returns on international investments are rising as the gains are translated back into dollars C) Some leading economists have forecast that the US dollar's value could plunge by a third over the next few years D) The US dollar will be somewhat more vulnerable against the euro, given that the European Central Bank will most likely continue to raise interest rates E) The dollar is down 3% from a year ago against the Chinese yuan, and futures markets expect an additional 5% decline later in the year 45. Bazi siyaset bilimciler, yeleri arasinda derin duygusal ilikilerin var olduu ailenin, ufak apta siyasal bir sistem gibi olduunu ileri srmlerdir. A) Some political scientists have argued that the family, in which deep emotional relationships exist between members, is like a political system in miniature. B) In the opinion of various political scientists, the family, which consists of members with deep emotional relationships, can be compared to a minor political system. C) As a few political scientists have argued, the family reminds one of a political system in miniature, in which members have deep emotional ties. D) As pointed out by a number of political scientists, the family, whose members are emotionally bound together, resembles a minor political system. E) Some of the political scientists present have suggested that the family, in which members maintain strong emotional ties with each other, is similar to a small political system. Dier sayfaya geiniz. 8 A NGLZCE 47. Venezuela's president Hugo Chvez is using his country's oil wealth to create a sphere of influence in Latin America. He has given his open support to Cuba and funded leftist politicians in Bolivia and Ecuador. ----. Chvez's growing influence, however, means that a collapse in Venezuela could take much of the continent down with it. A) He maintains that the Venezuelan economy should not mainly depend on oil revenues but that more efforts must be made to upgrade the other sectors of the national economy B) He is well aware of the fact that, since 2003, stocks in developing economies have averaged gains of 30% annually C) Moreover, by buying bonds from Argentina, he has helped stocks there jump tenfold since 2001, thus greatly contributing to the improvement of the country's economy D) He knows that with the Mexican, Asian, and Russian market crashes of the 1990s long forgotten, developing-country stocks in the world keep jumping to all-time highs E) He believes that political turmoil elsewhere could be just as devastating for the Venezuelan economy, which is currently doing very well 50. The biggest problems affecting the IMF, the World Bank, and other instruments of globalization concern governance. At both the IMF and the World Bank, voting rights are allocated not according to population but according to economic power, and the various countries' representatives are typically finance ministers or members of central banks, not officials with broader outlooks and concerns. ----. Therefore, the voices of those most affected by globalization are barely audible in discussions about what policies these international bodies should follow. A) It is within these same small, elite circles that most of the debate about reforming the international economic architecture occurs B) IMF policies have always had a lasting impact on the economies of developing countries C) Yet well-managed globalization has enormous potential for improving the lives of people in poor countries D) Traditionally, the World Bank has been reluctant to lend money unless the IMF certifies that the country in question has a solid macro-economic framework E) If we continue with globalization as it has been managed in the past, the future will not be bright 49. Epilepsy, one of the most common neurological disorders in the world, is caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain. ----. Most forms of epilepsy have been assumed to stem from brain tissue "scars" acquired through trauma, so that molecular approaches to understanding and treating the disease would be fruitless. A) It is true that, in developed countries, a principal focus of epilepsy research has been on the causes of the disease B) The symptoms of this disease range in severity from mild sensory disruption to recurring seizures and unconsciousness C) In addition, not all cases of epilepsy have been fully studied D) Moreover, proteins as large as insulin have been proposed as neurotransmitters E) On the contrary, a pairing of proteins in neurons may be relevant to the pathogenesis of human epilepsy 48. Laying undersea cable systems is a monumental process. After surveying landing sites, studying seabed geology, and assessing risks, engineers plot a route. ----. For months, these ships lower the cables thousands of feet to the seabed. In congested spots, engineers use robots to dig trenches for the cable that protect it from wayward anchors and fishing nets. Then crews pull the cable ends above the water and connect them to land-based stations. A) One of the new Pacific systems is part of a massive $1.5 billion global network connecting 60 countries B) Traditional cross-ocean systems are loops made up of two cables, usually many miles apart C) Operators building new cable systems are mindful of the threat of earthquakes and do what they can to avoid it D) Then gigantic spools of cable and other gear are loaded on cable-laying vessels E) While there are ten major undersea cables linking the US directly with Europe, there are only five cables connecting the US with Asia Dier sayfaya geiniz. 9 A NGLZCE 51. Although the European Parliament (EP) can't initiate legislation, it has been granted increased powers under successive European Union (EU) treaties. ----. Germany has recently proposed strengthening the EP's hand in budgetary matters. Moreover, corporations and citizens' groups have been quick to recognize the parliament's increased powers, especially in environmental and consumer protection, and are dispatching more and more lobbyists to it. A) In 1997, France successfully petitioned the European Court of Justice to block efforts by the Parliament to meet eleven rather than twelve times annually in Strasbourg B) In 1952, Strasbourg was designated the meeting place of the EP's forerunner, known as the Common Assembly of the European Coal and Steel Community C) On the other hand, the EP holds at least twelve of its sessions in Strasbourg and the rest in Brussels, which is the headquarters of the EU D) Last year, the US mission to the EU was enlarged, and the American monitoring of the EP's activities has since increased noticeably E) Thus, it can now approve, amend, or veto eighty per cent of the economic and social regulations generated by the European Commission 53. From the cases reported every day in newspapers, you feel that domestic violence is on the rise in society. You think that something should be done to help the victims, so you raise the matter with friends and discuss it with them. Unanimously you agree that some action must be taken immediately. So you make a suggestion to them: A) Personally, I think that the victims of domestic violence, who are mostly women, should seek legal advice and demand protection. B) As far as I am concerned, it is the responsibility of the authorities to introduce severe measures for the prevention of domestic violence throughout the country. C) If we are to believe social workers and sociologists, the causes of domestic violence are so diverse and complex that the solution of this problem is almost impossible. D) I propose that we first set up a volunteer group to reach victims while at the same time we form an association to fight domestic violence in the country. E) Since domestic violence has become an increasingly serious social problem, I think that new legislative measures put into effect must be followed up by efficient policies for the solution of the problem. 52. 57. sorularda, verilen durumda sylenmi olabilecek sz bulunuz. 52. A colleague of yours who has just returned from an international conference tells you that the paper he presented at the conference generated a good deal of discussion. Clearly you are pleased by the news but are curious to know whether the overall reaction to his paper was positive. So you say to him: A) So I see your mind is still at the conference. Did many people comment on your paper? B) I am very impressed indeed by what you say. Tell me. Did most of those who commented on your paper support your points? C) I am sure interesting papers on a wide range of topics must have been presented at the conference. How did yours go? Were there many people in the hall to hear you? D) I am glad that you were able to attend the conference. Did your topic arouse much interest in the participants? E) I understand that you made a good impression at the conference. Were there many questions put to you? Dier sayfaya geiniz. 10 A NGLZCE 54. Your younger brother, who is yet at the beginning of his career as a financial analyst, tells you that he is not happy with his job at an international bank and that he wishes to change it. You are concerned because you know that, with excellent performance, your brother can, in due course, make good progress in his career and be promoted to a more prestigious position in the bank. To advise and encourage him, you say: A) Surely your performance at the bank has not met the expectations of your superiors, so you feel that you need to find another job where your capacity will not be questioned. B) I am really very angered by what you say. You really must work very hard in order to impress your superiors so that you may be eligible for promotion and overseas assignment. C) So you have at last reached a decision to change your job. I agree that it is always very challenging to work for an international organization, even though it may offer some good opportunities for career progress. D) I really can't understand why you wish to change your job. You always wanted to be a financial analyst, but now you say you are not happy. Well, if that's your choice. E) It is too early for you to make a decision as such. You are working in an international environment, and there will be better and more gratifying opportunities ahead for you to progress in your career. 55. A friend of yours is a famous novelist as his novels published so far have been extremely popular. However, he is worried that the new novel he is writing will not be so popular, since he is not satisfied with the plot and characterization in it. As you know his capacity for creativity and smoothness of style, you try to dispel his worries by saying: A) You know everybody enjoys reading your novels. Besides, let critics judge your new novel which, I'm sure, will fully reflect your creative and lucid way of writing. Feel at ease. B) Every great writer has had periods of decline in his or her creativity. However, you are not a great writer even though you may be popular. I suggest you follow their example: stop writing for a while and wait to recapture your creativity. C) I agree that you mustn't be misled by the popularity of your novels, some of which have already been harshly criticised. So, however creative you may be, your new novel may again be attacked by critics. D) This shows that it is time you gave up writing altogether. In recent years, with your novels so popular, you may have thought that you were the greatest writer in fiction. E) In a novel, plot and characterization are probably the most important aspects. So I find it rather hard to believe that a novelist who enjoys so much popularity can fail in these areas. Dier sayfaya geiniz. 11 A NGLZCE 56. You are discussing with some colleagues the problem of widespread famine in Africa. While your colleagues strongly maintain that the United Nations must provide more resources and aid to solve the problem, you disagree with them and argue that, besides the United Nations, a consortium of the world's richest nations must also take action not only by sending more aid to these countries but also by mobilizing native resources and enabling the people to grow their own food. You conclude your argument by saying: A) As you all know, the rich nations have historical connections with Africa, and so they should be most willing to play a role in the affairs of this continent. B) Only then can there be some progress towards the solution of the problem, which is so extensive and serious that it exceeds the logistic capacity of the United Nations. C) Historically, Africa was colonized by many of these rich nations, but famine has always been a major problem there. D) On the other hand, unless the native people learn how to use the land and their own resources, the problem of famine in Africa can never be solved. E) So I share your view as regards the United Nations, which has always given priority to the problems concerning Africa and its people. 57. Due to the heavy traffic today, you are late to your appointment with the dean of the faculty, who you know is always punctual. When you get to his office, you not only apologize but also blame yourself for being late. You say: A) Today there is a lot of traffic on the roads, even though I left home earlier than usual! I thoroughly regret being late for my appointment. B) I regret that you had to wait for me. Although I left home early, I did not think that there would be so much traffic on the roads. C) My apologies for the congestion on the roads, because of which I am late for the appointment, though I set out quite early. D) I am really very upset because of this delay caused by the heavy traffic on the roads. In fact, I did leave home at the usual time. E) I am very sorry for this delay because of the traffic. I should have left home much earlier than usual to be here on time. Dier sayfaya geiniz. 12 A NGLZCE 58. 63. sorularda, cmleler sirasiyla okunduunda paranin anlam btnln bozan cmleyi bulunuz. 58. (I) The history of the German occupation of France is dirty, tragic, and sometimes darkly comic. (II) It is also one of the most intensely researched subjects of the past decades. (III) In May of 1940, the Germans attacked France, and in June they entered Paris. (IV) More than 8,000 books and articles have been devoted to this subject. (V) However, Julian Jackson's recent book, France: The Dark Years, 1940-1944, is an exceptional contribution to the already-accumulated knowledge of the occupation. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V 61. (I) When searching for land mines, it is exceedingly difficult to distinguish them from the tin cans, spent cartridges, and other metallic debris that litter a war zone. (II) Fewer than one per cent of all signals from de-miners' metal detectors actually indicate land mines. (III) Indeed, civilians have frequently been victims of land mines. (IV) Moreover, the technology used in the field has barely advanced since World War II. (V) Therefore, the clearing process is laborious and inefficient, as well as dangerous. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V 59. (I) Academics are smart and fast, and, in nonscientific fields such as law and history, they can be very fluent. (II) They are able to supply plausible commentary at short notice on pretty much any subject that engages the interest of the public. (III) The greater that interest, the greater the outpouring of instant commentary. (IV) But when academics speak unprepared, especially about matters outside their area of expertise, the quality tends to go down. (V) Furthermore, topics such as foreign affairs, terrorism, security, the intricacies of politics and the like have been studied extensively. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V 62. (I) Since the days of ancient Carthage, the area that makes up present-day Tunisia has been an oasis of urbanity, relative prosperity, and stable government. (II) Though lacking the oil and natural gas of their Libyan and Algerian neighbours, Tunisia's 9.6 million people are by some estimates sixty per cent middle class, with a poverty rate of only six per cent. (III) Yearly economic growth rarely falls below five per cent, and inflation is about three per cent. (IV) "Africa," originally a Roman term, meant Tunisia long before it meant the continent. (V) Moreover, the World Economic Forum rates Tunisia as the most competitive country in Africa. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V 60. (I) Caviar has held a place at the top of Russian menus under czarist, communist, and post-Soviet regimes alike. (II) Until the Russian economic crisis of 1998, even people with modest incomes could afford half a pound or so a month. (III) Caviar has always been treasured in Russia, where people believe that it provides relief from grief and despair. (IV) In Eastern Europe, caviar fetches as much as $700 a pound. (V) It is also prized for medical reasons since it contains lipids, vitamins, and albumen. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V 63. (I) El Salvador is a country tectonically so volatile that its capital city has been destroyed ten times in the past four hundred years. (II) In Latin America, El Salvador is not the first country to switch to the dollar, nor is it likely to be the last. (III) At least twelve major earthquakes shook El Salvador during the twentieth century. (IV) And in this century, disaster did not wait long to strike. (V) In early 2001, an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale levelled much of the country, killing almost a thousand people. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V Dier sayfaya geiniz. 13 A NGLZCE 64. 69. sorularda, verilen cmleye anlamca en yakin olan cmleyi bulunuz. 64. Clinton is said to be charismatic because he seems to embody the virtue of caring when he speaks. A) Because people are very impressed by what Clinton says, they admire him and think that he has a great deal of charisma. B) Because, through his speech, Clinton can move people, they believe that charisma is a distinctive quality of his character. C) Since in addressing people Clinton appears to be genuinely concerned, it is said that he has charisma. D) People are always very concerned when Clinton addresses them, and so they regard him as a very charismatic person. E) When Clinton addresses people, he arouses their feelings so much that they admire him for his charismatic personality. 66. Libya is almost all desert with the exception of the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, which traditionally have had little in common. A) Libya is so covered by desert that it has only the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, which are totally different from each other. B) If one leaves out Tripoli and Benghazi, cities historically almost competely unlike each other, nearly all of Libya is covered by desert. C) Libya's cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, which do not share a common tradition, are not affected by the desert which completely covers the country. D) Since Libya's cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, which have little shared tradition, are situated on the coast, the rest of the country is completely covered by desert. E) Because Libya is covered by desert, its cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, which do not have a common historical heritage, are situated by the sea. 65. According to de-miners, up to 90 per cent of their time is spent combing areas that ultimately prove to be free of mines. A) De-miners point out that they spend almost all of their time searching thoroughly for mines in areas which, in the end, turn out to be without them. B) As de-miners have pointed out, the search for mines in areas which in fact do not have any mines usually takes quite a long time. C) As far as de-miners are concerned, a lot of time is needed to undertake a search for mines in areas where it is almost impossible to discover them. D) As we learn from de-miners, it takes some time to look for mines in areas in which one discovers that actually there are no mines. E) For de-miners, it takes little time to search for mines in areas which in fact do not have them. 67. Critics have disagreed as to whether Antigone or Creon is the protagonist of Sophocles' play Antigone. A) The question whether the main character in Antigone, which is a play by Sophocles, is Antigone or Creon is a matter of controversy among critics. B) As regards Sophocles' play Antigone, critics have pointed out that it is not certain whether Antigone or Creon is a more important character. C) To what extent Antigone or Creon becomes the leading character in Sophocles' Antigone has led critics into a futile discussion. D) According to various critical views, in his play Antigone, Sophocles does not make it clear whether Antigone or Creon is the most important character. E) There is much controversy among critics that, in his play Antigone, Sophocles has failed to make Antigone or Creon the leading character. Dier sayfaya geiniz. 14 A NGLZCE 68. Over the years researchers have learned a lot about how and why cancer forms. A) Through their research into cancer, scientists have finally discovered the causes of the disease and suggested various forms of treatment. B) For many years, scientists have carried out much research into different types of cancer and are now able to discuss them fully. C) It has taken a long time for scientists to find out about various kinds of cancer and suggest different methods of treatment. D) For many years, cancer research has been a serious concern for researchers, who are now able to explain the causes of this disease. E) Those who are involved in cancer research have, over time, come to know much about the ways and causes of the disease's development. 70. 75. sorularda, karilikli konumanin bo birakilan kismini tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi bulunuz. 70. John : - Have you seen the recent report released by the American Rivers Administration? Allen : - No, not yet. What's your opinion? John : - ---Allen : - So it becomes increasingly urgent for the authorities to put into effect far more efficient measures to improve their condition. Don't you think? A) I am sure you know that the American Rivers Administration analyzes and studies the condition of the major rivers in the country. B) Most comprehensively prepared. It is very upsetting to know how endangered most of the nation's rivers are. 69. Stopping the international obesity epidemic is as tough a problem as any now facing public-health officials. A) Public-health officials are trying hard, as they do with any other problem, to prevent the spread of obesity throughout the world. B) Public-health officials are finding it very hard to prevent obesity throughout the world, which is very serious like any other problem that concerns them. C) Obesity is so common throughout the world that its prevention is a very difficult problem for health-officials, who are already dealing with other problems. D) For public-health officials, the prevention of obesity, which is widespread throughout the world, is an extremely difficult problem like any other they are currently concerned with. E) It is not so challenging a task for public-health officials, who are already dealing with many serious problems, to prevent obesity in the world. C) Indeed, as you have just suggested, dams and canals can be harmful to fish and wildlife populations. D) As I recall from previous reports, coal mining operations fill streams with coal and dirt. E) It has always been admitted that the use of rivers as a water supply for domestic and industrial needs causes much depletion. Dier sayfaya geiniz. 15 A NGLZCE 71. Doctor : - Good to see you again. What's the problem this time? Patient : - Upon awakening, I feel pain and tightness on the sides of my face. Doctor : - ---Patient : - I hope it's not serious and can be treated easily. A) Sleeping pills may be used occasionally to help people who have trouble sleeping because of pain. How interesting! I have always stated that people can take steps to break the habit of tooth grinding. I see. Generally, a case like this results from muscle spasms brought on by repeated muscle or tooth clenching and tooth grinding. Of course, treatment is needed when a person has jaw pain or trouble moving his jaw. People with this condition need to suppress yawns, cut food into small pieces, and eat food that's easy to chew. 72. Frank : - To learn a little bit about how to cope with physical allergies, I've done some reading. Celia : - Tell me in simple terms what you have learned. Frank : - ---Celia : - Sounds very sensible, doesn't it? A) Surely you are aware that photosensitivity, which is an allergy, may also result from concurrent use of certain drugs or substances applied to the skin. B) My suggestion is that people who are very sensitive to sunlight should use sunscreens and minimize sun exposure. C) As far as I am concerned, itching, asthma, or nasal stuffiness are among the most common symptoms of physical allergy. D) The common point everyone agrees on is that the best way to deal with any physical allergy is to prevent it by avoiding whatever tends to cause it. E) As everybody knows, a physical allergy is a condition in which allergic symptoms develop in response to a physical stimulus. B) C) D) E) 73. Jane : - The point is made in this article that we need a reliable source of electricity to meet our needs in the 21st century. Larry : - But we also need clean air. Jane : - ---Larry : - So you mean that nuclear power plants don't pollute the air. Right? A) Well, with nuclear energy, we can have both. B) Why not? Nuclear energy already generates more than 20 per cent of America's electricity. C) Year by year there is a growing need for more energy nationwide. D) In other words, the development of new energy sources is very important to America's energy future. E) I am afraid the world is fast heading towards a huge environmental disaster. Dier sayfaya geiniz. 16 A NGLZCE 74. Charles : - Aircraft manufacturers are doing their best to build ever more efficient, more reliable, less polluting, quieter planes. Colleague : - Yes, but there is a long way before absolute reliability can be achieved! Charles : - ---Colleague : - There's no doubt about that. Yet every effort must be made for ultimate reliability. A) Let me stress once again that, as the economy develops and per capita income rises, per capita travel rises even faster. B) Considered in technical terms, there have been few dramatic changes in large-aircraft design since the 1960s. C) It is a fact that, by the early 1940s, airplanes had made it possible to cross the Atlantic in one long day of travel. D) On the other hand, in the 1960s, touring families and students could fly from the US to Europe on overnight charter flights. E) Agreed. However, despite occasional horrific crashes, modern airliners are about the safest means of travel ever devised. 75. Lucy : - Is it true that China is slightly larger in area than the US? Kate : - That's what I've read in a booklet on China. Lucy : - ---Kate : - A varied topography indeed! Besides, the Yangtze River is the third-longest river in the world. A) The principal mountain ranges are the Tien Shan, the Kunlun chain, and the TransHimalaya. B) Moreover, from the map one can see that the greater part of the country is mountainous, and the Gobi Desert lies in the North. C) I understand it has three great river systems: the Yellow River, the Yangtze River, and the Pearl River. D) The earliest recorded human settlements have been discovered in the Huang Ho basin. E) As you know, in the southwest is Tibet, which China annexed in 1950. Dier sayfaya geiniz. 17 A NGLZCE 76. 80. sorulari aaidaki paraya gre cevaplayiniz. Today, the Berlin Crisis of 1961, in which the Soviet Union demanded that Western powers cut their ties with Berlin, may be the most forgotten crisis in the annals of the Cold War. Even most Berliners who lived through the event remember little about it. Yet this crisis over Berlin brought America and the Soviet Union, the two superpowers of the post-World War II period, close to war. In fact, since the very end of World War II, Berlin had been the centrepiece of a struggle between these two superpowers. It was here that World War II ended in 1945 when, following the occupation and defeat of Nazi Germany by the allied armies of the United States, Britain, and France from the west, and the Soviet Union from the east, the city had been captured and divided into the separate zones of East and West Berlin. Soon afterwards Germany had itself split into East and West, and the border between the two had become the dividing line (the so-called "iron curtain") between Sovietcontrolled Eastern Europe and free, capitalist Western Europe. Thus, situated behind this iron curtain and stuck a hundred miles inside Eastern territory, West Berlin was claimed, protected and supplied by the Western powers. In 1948, Stalin imposed a blockade, cutting West Berlin off from its Western suppliers. The United States responded with an airlift, keeping the zone alive for more than 300 days before Allied access was restored. 77. It is clear from the passage that the fall of Berlin in 1945 to the Allies and the Soviet Union ----. A) resulted from the establishment of the so-called "iron curtain" between East and West Germany B) was one of a series of political crises, the most serious of which was the one in 1961 C) followed the division of Germany into East and West D) clearly represented the final defeat and collapse of Nazi Germany E) completely undermined Nazi Germany's political and military ambitions to conquer Europe 78. In the passage, the writer points out that, paradoxically, ----. A) even if America did not want the Soviet Union to capture Berlin completely, it acted fast and moved into West Berlin 76. As one learns from the passage, West Berlin ----. A) received so much American aid during the Cold War that its people enjoyed a comfortable life B) was recognized by the Soviet Union during the Cold War as a separate American territory C) was, during the Cold War, far more prosperous and secure than East Berlin D) made an alliance during the Cold War with the United States against a possible Soviet invasion E) was able to survive the Soviet blockade in 1948 through relief provided by the United States B) since the Allies and the Soviet Union fought in World War II against Nazi Germany, in fact they cooperated in many respects, including the capture of Berlin C) although the 1961 Berlin crisis almost led to a military confrontation between America and the Soviet Union, for most residents of Berlin today it has lost its significance D) despite their alliance during World War II, the United States, Britain and France each had conflicting policies towards Nazi Germany E) while Berliners experienced many hardships under the Soviet occupation of their city, they did not show any resistance Dier sayfaya geiniz. 18 A NGLZCE 79. The point is made in the passage that, during the early decades of the Cold War, ----. A) the United States and its allies were totally indifferent to the political implications of the socalled "iron-curtain" B) the United States and the Soviet Union were locked in political conflict over Berlin C) the Soviet Union followed a policy of peace and friendship towards the United States and its allies D) Berliners regarded the Allied and Soviet occupation of their city as a relief from the Nazi regime E) the United States and the Soviet Union reached an agreement on the question of how Germany was to be divided 80. As it is clear from the passage, in the aftermath of World War II, ----. A) Europe was no longer an undivided continent, with Eastern Europe falling under Soviet rule B) the American presence throughout Europe rapidly increased and was strengthened to keep the Soviets under control C) the Eastern European countries willingly joined the Soviet Union and began to enjoy great economic prosperity D) the security of Berlin became so urgent that the western powers took a number of measures to protect it against an invasion E) while the Allied armies left Germany, the Soviet army remained in the country, continuing its occupation Dier sayfaya geiniz. 19 A NGLZCE 81. 85. sorulari aaidaki paraya gre cevaplayiniz. Narva is a quiet northeastern Estonian town bathed in sea breezes. Though small, with a population of just over 72,000, it occupies a large place in Russian history. It was here in 1700 that, by attacking the Swedes, who were then in control of much of the Baltic coast, Russia launched its final campaign in a centuries-long quest to become a European power. The battle ended in defeat for the Russians, but the war did not; by 1721 Russia had conquered the Baltic territories as far southwest as Riga, the capital of present-day Latvia, and had built a new capital, Saint Petersburg, on the Gulf of Finland. Later in that century, Russia, through a partition agreement with Austria and Prussia, gained control of the rest of the Baltics, and would retain them until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. 82. As can be understood from the passage, the writer ----. A) points out that Narva is an attractive and wellknown centre for tourism in Estonia B) describes the hardships which the Baltic countries endured under the Russians in the eighteenth century C) stresses how the Russian expansion in the Baltics in the 1720s was prevented by Austria and Prussia D) draws a contrast between the present-day romantic appearance of Narva and its historic significance E) compares Riga with Narva and concludes that the Latvian capital is historically more important 81. According to the passage, the Russian conquest of the Baltics ----. A) forced both Austria and Prussia to give up their centuries-old claims on the Baltic territories and sign a treaty B) was finalized in the eighteenth century partly through war and partly through a multi-lateral treaty C) included only the region between Narva in northeastern Estonia and Saint Petersburg on the Gulf of Finland D) was several times resisted by the Swedes, whom the Russians were unable to defeat and drive out of the region E) involved a very long war with the Swedes on the one hand, and with Austria and Prussia on the other 83. As one learns from the passage, it was before 1721 that ----. A) the Russians re-captured Riga from the Swedes and made it the capital of Latvia B) Russia reached an agreement with Austria and Prussia for the partition of the whole Baltic region C) Russia became a major European power which completely dominated the Baltics D) the Swedes and the Russians agreed on their respective control of the Baltic territories E) the city of Saint Petersburg was founded by the Russians on the Gulf of Finland Dier sayfaya geiniz. 20 A NGLZCE 84. It is pointed out in the passage that ----. A) Russian possession of the Baltic territories lasted until the late twentieth century B) Prussian control of the Baltic territories lasted throughout the eighteenth century and after C) no European power in the eighteenth century was concerned about the Russian invasion of the Baltics D) the Swedes and the Russians were constantly at war with each other for the possession of the Baltics E) the Russian conquest of the Baltic territories has always been a controversial issue in Russian history 85. It is clear from the passage that Russia's invasion of the Baltics in the early eighteenth century ----. A) put at risk the centuries-long good relations which she had maintained with other European powers B) was a thorough military campaign which lasted for many decades and failed to achieve its aims C) signified the final stage of her efforts towards becoming a European power that had gone on for centuries D) increased enormously the importance of both Narva and Riga as major military centres in the region E) so alarmed other European powers that they immediately made an alliance among themselves Dier sayfaya geiniz. 21 A NGLZCE 86. 90. sorulari aaidaki paraya gre cevaplayiniz. Set in 1941 in Leningrad, Helen Dunmore's novel The Siege opens with deceptively gentle scenes of Chekhovian melancholy. After the death of her mother, 23-year-old Anna Levin, the protagonist, gives up her artistic studies to look after her 5-yearold brother and her politically suspect father Abraham, who, as a writer, has fallen out of favour with Stalin's cultural police. So she jumps at the chance to make a drawing of the retired actress Marina Petrovna, with whom Anna's father might once have had a romantic relationship. But Anna's worries about art and romance are soon swept away as the Germans besiege her native city. At this point, Dunmore's novel transforms abruptly as well, shifting from a romantic narrative into a study of survival under most extreme hardships. Anna's abundant artistic creativity is put to use providing food and fuel for her helpless family, and her drawing skills are called on to sketch a neighbour's starved baby so that the grieving mother might remember her lost child. Indeed, the novel presents a striking contrast between the gentle display of human emotions and the rude dictates of survival under the most inhuman circumstances. 87. It is emphasized in the passage that the novel ----. A) never loses its romantic tone, even though some of the scenes described can be very depressing and upsetting B) shows how Helen Dunmore differs from the Russian writer Chekhov in her detailed portrayal of characters C) is not only a narrative of romantic scenes, but also the depiction of a cruel reality in which human survival was almost impossible D) primarily focuses on the complexity of human emotions and tries to demonstrate this through the depiction of a wide range of characters E) is embedded with a number of inconsistencies as regards style and characterization, which make Dunmore's literary creativity rather superficial 86. According to the passage, Helen Dunmore's novel The Siege is mainly the story of ----. A) how the children of Leningrad in particular suffered extreme hardship when the Germans besieged the city in 1941 B) the famous actress Marina Petrovna, who was living in retirement when the Germans besieged Leningrad in 1941 C) the strong armed resistance that the people of Leningrad put up against the Germans when the city was besieged D) how a young artist, Anna Levin, struggled hard with her family to survive during the German siege of Leningrad in 1941 E) the romantic relationship between the actress Marina Petrovna and the writer Abraham Levin, who was a political activist 88. It is clear from the passage that Anna's study of art ----. A) was supported by her father, who, as a political writer, often wrote against the cultural policies of Stalin's regime B) was interrupted as, following her mother's death, she had to take care of her family C) was carried out under the most favourable circumstances, and her fame as a promising young artist soon spread throughout Leningrad D) was a great achievement for her, despite the fact that her artistic creativity had not been recognized at first E) took so long that, in the end, she gave it up to join the people of Leningrad in their defence of the city against the Germans Dier sayfaya geiniz. 22 A NGLZCE 89. It is pointed out in the passage that, when the German siege of Leningrad began, ----. A) Anna's concern about her own artistic future was totally wiped out B) Anna's father Abraham's love affair with Marina Petrovna came to an end C) Anna had already become famous because of her portrait of the actress Marina Petrovna D) Stalin's cultural police arrested Abraham because of his subversive ideas E) the inhabitants made various arrangements to overcome the serious shortage of food and fuel in the city 90. In the passage, the writer draws attention to the fact that, in Leningrad under siege, Anna ----. A) offered care to the mothers who lost their children because of the terrible food shortage B) was especially worried about the fate of children, most of whom starved to death C) helped many people to put up with the most extreme hardships of life D) seriously devoted herself to a study of Chekhov's literary works E) used her artistic capacity not only to support her family but also to represent human suffering Dier sayfaya geiniz. 23 A NGLZCE 91. 95. sorulari aaidaki paraya gre cevaplayiniz. Following World War II, European countries largely gave up their colonial possessions and, by the 1950s and 1960s, had already begun to receive growing numbers of immigrants from their former colonies. In many instances, these included the descendants of the slaves in the colonies, who had been forced to work. In this respect, Britain is a case in point. Though in small numbers, Africans and Indians had come to Britain long before the tens of thousands who came as colonial immigrants in the 1960s and thereafter. The first Africans who came to Britain were probably soldiers during the Roman possession of that country in antiquity. In modern times, especially in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, African and Indian princes and scholars visited Britain. Others coming to Britain were in service positions; for instance, in the eighteenth century, black African and Indian young men were fashionable as servants in the homes of the wealthy. Africans and Indians also came to Britain as sailors and traders, and port towns, such as London, Glasgow, Bristol, Cardiff and Liverpool, developed small black populations in the early nineteenth century, some of which persisted into the twentieth century. Relations between these populations and the native white population were varied, historians citing instances both of hostility and solidarity. 92. As one finds out from the passage, it would be wrong to maintain that ----. A) many of the immigrants to Britain came from India and the other colonies B) Africans arrived in Britain for the first time in the twentieth century C) European colonial rule in Africa ended in the post-World War II period D) Britain was occupied and ruled by the Romans E) the domestic staff of the wealthy in Britain often included Africans and Indians 93. It is stressed in the passage that Britain ----. A) was the only colonial power in Europe that objected to the practice of slavery B) was faced soon after World War II with an enormous influx of immigrants 91. It is pointed out in the passage that the black communities living in some British port towns in the early years of the nineteenth century ----. A) were not always treated in a friendly way by the white population B) consisted solely of sailors who came mainly from Britain's colonies in Africa C) were completely constituted by merchants who were involved in overseas trade with India D) were made up of travellers from Africa and India, who visited Britain for various reasons E) were essentially formed by colonial immigrants from Africa as well as India C) had already possessed a large community of Africans under Roman rule D) began to receive huge numbers of colonial immigrants from the 1960s onwards E) always welcomed large numbers of immigrants from its colonies in Africa and elsewhere Dier sayfaya geiniz. 24 A NGLZCE 94. As stated in the passage, many of the immigrants that arrived in Europe after World War II ----. A) were actually fleeing from the slave labour invariably practised in the colonies B) constituted small minorities that became the target of white native hatred C) were the relatives of the former colonial slaves D) were interested in service positions and, hence, were mostly employed as servants E) were in fact the descendants of the slaves especially in India 95. It is pointed out in the passage that, in the past, ----. A) Africans and Indians preferred Britain to other European countries for settlement and employment B) Britain possessed the largest and most densely populated colonies throughout the world C) the European countries rivalled Britain both in trade and in the colonization of Africa D) the European colonial powers, including Britain, refused to accept immigrants from their colonies E) among the early colonial visitors to Britain were students and members of the native nobility from Africa and India Dier sayfaya geiniz. 25 A NGLZCE 96. 100. sorulari aaidaki paraya gre cevaplayiniz. A couple of months ago NASA asked the scientific community what kinds of research it should conduct when it returns humans to the moon. In doing so, NASA wanted prioritized research objectives for the robotic orbiters and landers that will be used primarily for reconnaissance purposes prior to later explorations by astronauts of the lunar surface. Recommendations made by scientists varied greatly, but they can be summarized. The top priority that scientists have recommended is the development of programmes for lunar data analysis. Next is the exploration of the moon's south pole, which is called "the Aitken basin," an impact scar mostly on the moon's back side. Then comes an instrument network for probing the interior of the moon, and this is followed by rock sample returns, scientifically selected landing sites, and analysis of any icy polar deposits. 97. One understands from the passage that NASA ----. A) and scientists have conflicting research objectives about the moon B) has already developed a multi-purpose research programme for the moon C) always consults the scientific community, but seldom takes its advice into consideration D) is planning to send robots to the moon before it sends astronauts E) has been indifferent to various recommendations made by scientists 96. From the research recommendations summarized in the passage, it becomes clear that ----. A) there is still a lot that has to be learned about the moon B) scientists are extensively familiar with the structure of the moon C) the exploration of the lunar surface is not so urgent as understanding the inner structure of the moon D) the scientific community does not regard NASA's objectives about the moon as feasible E) NASA is determined to make the moon a new base for space exploration Dier sayfaya geiniz. 26 A NGLZCE 98. As is clear from the passage, NASA's purpose in consulting scientists is to ----. A) make sure that its programmes for lunar data analysis are supported by them B) learn whether the moon has water deposited as ice under its poles C) find out about the kind of research which is primarily important for lunar exploration D) encourage them to focus their attention on a full study of the Aitken basin E) give them the opportunity to discuss their research results about the moon 100. It is clearly stated in the passage that astronauts ----. A) will use a variety of instruments only to learn about the interior of the moon B) will be sent to the moon to investigate the lunar surface C) will, in the first place, select a suitable spot for landing their craft D) are expected to discover icy deposits under the south pole E) have been trained to perform lunar data analysis 99. According to the passage, one of the recommendations made by the scientific community concerns ----. A) the scientific specification of the locations where robots or astronauts can land B) the problems related to the working of the robots orbiting the moon or landing on the surface C) the analysis of the rock samples that will be taken from the Aitken basin D) the tasks that will be performed by the astronauts when they explore the moon's south pole E) the question of how NASA can benefit from the results obtained from lunar explorations TEST BTT. CEVAPLARINIZI KONTROL EDNZ. Dier sayfaya geiniz. 27 ...
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