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CDA3101 –Summer 2007 – Midterm Exam #2 19 July 2007 NAME: K E Y UFID[5:8]: ___ ___ ___ ___ Please observe standards of honesty when working on this exam. You should have on your desk your exam booklet, crib sheet, pencils/pens, and calculator. I certify that I have not received any assistance on this examination except clarifying comments from the instructor, and all work presented here is my own. Signature: _______________ (Students, please do not write below this line) ________________ PROBLEM SCORES: TOTAL SCORE: Q1___ Q2___ Q3___ Q4___ Q5___ Q6___ Q7___ Q8 ___ _____ / 200
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CDA 3101 – Summer 2007 – Exam #2 YOUR NAME: ______ K E Y _______ 1 (30 pts) Explain the difference between RISC and CISC in terms of the following: a) Compare (1-2 sentences) RISC and CISC instruction decoding [15 pts]: Instruction format: RISC has variable instruction format, CISC has more regular instruction format. Design (simplicity, regularity) of hardware: CISC hardware (HW) difficult to design because of upward compatibility for hundreds of complex instructions, as well as complex instruction decoding mechanism. RISC hardware easier to design, runs faster and tends to consume less power than CISC, due in large part to simplicity of RISC ISA including simple, orthogonal instruction format. b) Compare register set design in RISC versus CISC [15 pts]: Number of registers RISC tends to have larger number of registers than CISC Register length (size) and diversity CISC registers have variable size, RISC registers tend toward fixed size. CISC registers have different lengths, whereas RISC registers are provided mainly in one length (e.g., 32 bits in MIPS) Other issues: CISC processors tend to run hotter than RISC – more power consumption due to higher CPI in RISC.
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