quiz6_sol - “00000007 16 ” making it obvious that it is...

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CDA3101 Quiz 6 Last Name ____________________ Fall 2009 First Name ____________________ 1. Consider the following single-cycle datapath and control on the next page. Assume that the single-cycle datapath is executing the instruction: lw $8, 24($9). Indicate the numeric value (in Hex or Binary) of each of the data and control signals given below. You should show the values that would exist in the circuit after all the “work” of the instruction has completed, right before the moment that the rising edge of the next clock cycle occurs . Make sure for each value, you (i) indicate specifically whether the value is in Hex or Binary and (ii) either state how many bits the value takes up or make it implicit. ..thus don’t write 7 16 for a 32-bit number, you should instead write either “7 16 (32-bits)” or
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Unformatted text preview: “00000007 16 ”, making it obvious that it is a 32-bit number. You should write “X” if the control signal doesn’t matter. A 0 or 1 for a value for a signal that does not matter will be considered incorrect. Also assume that the value in register $8 is 0x10000000 and the value in register $9 is 0x10020000 Write Register = 01000 2 “Address” input of data memory = 0x10020018 “Write Data” input of data memory = 0x10000000 Control Signal Value (0/1/X) RegWrite 1 MemtoReg 1 RegDst MemRead 1 MemWrite ALUSrc 1 Control bits (4) to the ALU (specify all 4 bits) 0010 2 1 pt for each value above. I-Format: 31-26 25-21 20-16 15-0 opcode rs rt offset ALU Operation Control Control bits to ALU Operation done by ALU 0010 add 0110 sub 0000 and 0001 or 0111 slt...
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quiz6_sol - “00000007 16 ” making it obvious that it is...

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