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BASIC DEFINITIONS Class Describes a particular kind of object. It can contain related methods and variables. Method A function defined in a class. Methods implement the behavior for objects. Object The principal building blocks of Java. Objects consist of variables (data) and methods (functionality). COMMENTS HTML Comments <!-- comment --> Sent to the client in the viewable page source. JSP Commens (Not Sent to Client) <%-- comment --%> Comments in JSP file. // comment Comment in scriplet part of JSP file. ELEMENTS Declaration <%! declaration %> Creates a global variable or method. Expression <%= expression %> Statements evaluated on the server before the page is outputted to the client. Page Directive <%@ directive %> Attributes that apply to the entire page. Scriplet <% code fragment of one or more lines %> Contains a block of scripting code which is executed when the page is generated. Taglib Directive
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