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Chapter 9: East Asian Realm D EFINING THE R EALM 6 political entities: o China o Mongolia o North Korea o South Korea o Japan o Taiwan Environmentally diverse Hub of the Pacific Rim o Started in Japan and soon encompassed Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong Natural Environments Southwest – ice-covered mountains and plateaus o Dangerous – earthquakes and tremors cause landslides and avalanches P HYSIOGRAPHY AND P OPULATION o Densely populated area, but sparsely populated interior Interior – critical to millions The rivers that flow eastward/southward form here. They erode uplands, deposit sediment in lowlands, creating fertile basins Fertile soil, adequate growing seasons, ample water, millions of laborers o Northeast – severe continentality and increasing drought, long bitter winters
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Korea: North – high relief, harsh continental climate South – relatively moderate The Great Rivers 3 major river systems: North – Huang He (Yellow River) – deposits sediments in North China Plain o Earliest states arose here Center – Chang Jiang (Long River) – crosses Sichuan Basin and waters ricefields in Lower Chang Basin South – Xi Jiang (West River) o Esturary is flanked by large industrial complexes Liao River (northeast) – basin = Northeast China Plain – much smaller than other 3 rivers Interior Environments Loess Plateau – fertile soil Sichuan Basin – surrounded by mountains, densely populated
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geography_eastasia - Chapter 9: East Asian Realm DEF I N I...

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