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CHAPTER 13: PERSONALITY Personality – unique and relatively stable pattern of thoughts, feelings, and actions ( extroversion, sense of humor, effective interpersonal skills, friendliness, confidence, etc.) Character – ethics, morals, values, and integrity (honesty, loyalty, dependability, and trustworthiness) T RAIT T HEORIES Trait – relatively stable personal characteristic that can be used to describe someone Trait theories aim to identify and measure the essential traits that distinguish individual personalities The Five-Factor Model: Five Basic Personality Traits 1. Openness People who rate high – original, curious, imaginative, open to new ideas, artistic, and enjoy culture People who rate low – conventional, down to earth, narrow in interests, non-artistic 2. Conscientiousness High – responsible, self-disciplined, organized, and achieving Low – careless, irresponsible, impulsive, lazy, and undependable 3. Extroversion High – sociable, outgoing, talkative, fun loving, and affectionate Low – withdrawn, quiet, passive, and reserved 4. Agreeableness High – good-natured, warm, gentle, cooperative, trusting, and helpful Low – irritable, argumentative, ruthless, suspicious, uncooperative, and vindictive 5. Neuroticism (or emotional stability) High – emotionally unstable, prone to insecurity, anxiety, guilt, worry, and moodiness Low – emotionally stable, calm, even-tempered, easygoing, and relaxed Mate Selection around the World What Women Want in a Mate: What Men Want in a Mate: 1. Mutual attraction—love 2. Dependable character 1. Mutual attraction—love 2. Dependable character Page | 1
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3. Emotional stability and maturity 4. Pleasing disposition 5. Education and intelligence 6. Sociability 7. Good health 8. Desire for home and children 9. Ambition and industriousness 10. Refinement, neatness 3. Emotional stability and maturity 4. Pleasing disposition 5. Good health 6. Education and intelligence 7. Sociability 8. Desire for home and children 9. Refinement, neatness 10. Good looks Personality and Your Career John Holland’s personality-job fit theory – a match between our individual personality and our career choice is a major factor in determining job satisfaction Personality Characteristics Holland Personality Type Matching/Congruent Occupation Shy, genuine, persistent, stable, conforming, practical Realistic – prefers physical activities that require skill, strength, and coordination Mechanic, drill press operator, assembly-line worker, farmer Analytical, original, curious, independent Investigative – prefers activities that involve thinking, organizing, and understanding Biologist, economist, mathematician, news reporter Sociable, friendly, cooperative, understanding Social – prefers activities that involve helping and developing others Social worker, counselor, teacher, clinical psychologist Conforming, efficient, practical, unimaginative, inflexible Conventional – prefers rule-
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psych_ch13notes - CHAPTER 13: PERSONALITY Personality...

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