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special topic - 4 What if any government regulation or...

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Special Topic Report : - Due as listed on sign up sheet Research has shown that what you teach, you learn.. Students will choose a specific topic during the first or second class session and report on the topic. Students can work with another student on a topic. Each student or team is expected to prepare a four to five page paper (not including bibliography page) on the topic. Students are expected to utilize at least three good scientific sources to obtain their information.. The following should be included as it applies to the subject: 1. Description of the topic 2. How does it affect an individual’s health? 3. How dies this topic affect the physiology, growth, aging, metabolism, or body weight of an individual?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What, if any, government regulation or guidelines are in place or should be ? 5. What public education or medical research has been done, or needs to be completed regarding this issue? 6. Describe what business or economic opportunities exist regarding this issue. 7. How has this issue been abused or subjected to quackery? What has been the consequences? 8. Conclude with what you would like your fellow students to remember about this subject and why. Oral Presentation : These presentations are to be 5 – 10 minutes in length and convey learned information in a creative and unique way....
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