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lab 6 FIN - Jennifer Terciano Biology 1012 Lab Keyona...

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Unformatted text preview: Jennifer Terciano Biology 1012 Lab Keyona Gonzalez March 19, 2010 Lab 6: Enzymes OBJECTIVES Catalase Activity To indicate that enzymes only work with certain substances Effect of Temperature To show that temperature affects enzymes in a reaction Effect of Enzyme Concentration (and Time) To show that enzyme activity is affected by both concentration and time Effect of pH To validate that pH levels are a factor in enzyme activity MATERIALS AND METHODS Refer to Mader Lab Manual, 10 th Edition , pages 59-60 Changes Convert all cm to ml. To keep the catalase on ice the whole time For the effects of temperature experiment An extra tube was added because four conditions were evaluated: catalase on ice, catalase at 25 C, 37 C and 100 C in dry blocks In the experiment for Enzyme concentration and time TIME was added in as a factor to measure for and so the bubble height column was measured once at 20 seconds and again after 2 minutes Also, extra-large test tubes were used instead of the regular-sized ones When experimenting for the effects of pH levels on enzyme activity Instead of using water with a pH of 7, we used a 6.6pH one We waited 5 minutes before adding the H 2 2 RESULTS 1. Catalase Activity Table 5.1: Catalase Activity Tube Contents Bubble Column Height @20 secs 1 Catalase Hydrogen peroxide 8mm 2...
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lab 6 FIN - Jennifer Terciano Biology 1012 Lab Keyona...

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