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Cross Cultural analysis - Sophie Dinkin Education 3013...

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Sophie Dinkin Education 3013 3/12/07 Cross- Cultural Analysis I was born in Oakland where I lived for about 10 years, and then later moved to Santa Barbara. Living in these two cities helped me to form my cultural identity, and also exposed me to very different spectrums of education. This is because I was exposed to different cultures and approaches of teaching. I would identify myself as a white middle class female. Living in Oakland however, many of my peers were of a lower social class and minorities mostly African American. This helped me to identify with others outside the typical white middle class comfort zone (that I feel some are afraid to leave) and exposed me to different experiences, cultures, and people. In Oakland I attended a Jewish preschool where most of the other kids were white middle class as well. From kindergarten until fourth grade I went to a private school. The reason my parents didn’t place me in public school was because most middle class students attended private school in Oakland because they were in area’s that were considered the “bad neighborhoods”, and the kids were said to be “tougher and poor”. However I learned not to apply this stereotype to every kid I met in public schools because I was friend with several kids from my neighborhood that attended public schools in Oakland and they were far from dangerous or tough. Even though the stereotypes about the kids were not true the public schools in Oakland were very
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different then the private school I attended. I was involved in after school sports such as soccer and kickball, and the campus was closed off and well maintained. On the other hand, there were hardly any athletic teams, or clubs to get involved in, and the campus was in need of repairs on the buildings and the playground equipment at the public schools some of the kids on my street attended. I think there was a difference because the public schools did not have as much money since it was free for the students to attended and therefore they did not have as big a budget for programs and construction. Both my parents are considerably liberal and they both worked in Berkley, a very liberal city just across the bay bridge. I would often go to the city with my mom on weekends, where I was exposed to many different lifestyles and identities people had, especially homosexuals. Being exposed to these identities at a young age and having my mother explain it to me from a liberal point of view shaped my political beliefs. I would consider myself moderate, but have liberal views on gay marriage influenced the time I spent in the city and with family friends that were gay. I don’t have any negative, or uncomfortable feelings, only support for individuals that identify themselves as gay. Also in school, my teachers and peers were more comfortable and open to gay rights and
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Cross Cultural analysis - Sophie Dinkin Education 3013...

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