Psych 179 Lecture wk 2-2

Psych 179 Lecture wk 2-2 - Psych 179 Lecture wk# 2-2...

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Psych 179 Lecture wk# 2-2 Treatement o Detoxification: Methadone: reduce amount of drug use Buprenorphine Cold turkey: stop taking the drug o Methadone Maintenance No illicit drug use Substitute of oral methadone for IV heroin o Burprenophine maintenance: No illicit drug use Partial agonist- properties of both agonist and antagonist Substitute for heroine and prevent withdrawal If you are depend on opiate andinjectedwith an opiate antagonist, you will go immediately into withdrawal state. Just getting off the drug does not solve the problem because people relapse Methadone o Opioid agonist o High affinity, high intrinsic activity o Long half-life: 35 hours o Detoxification: prevents opioid withdrawal at doses of 40-60 mg/day p.o. o Maintenance: Blunts opioid actions at doses of 60-80 mg/day p.o. Methadone Detoxification
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o Detoxification maybe be done on an inpatient or outpatient basis o Within the first few days of detoxification, the methadone dose as adjusted to reach stabilization o After the first day, the methadone may be administered once a day or in divided doses every 12 hours Maximum dose is 20-40 mg p.o. (oral)
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Psych 179 Lecture wk 2-2 - Psych 179 Lecture wk# 2-2...

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