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Onur Erbilgin [email protected] 1) Draw what the amino acid overall charge ofthe aa at Problem Set 1 will look like (which groups are each labeled point. OH: 4-5pm Mandeville C{ protonated) at each labeled point. and the 1* pFr U *lufcm*fe Pxs s s.?5 *t{\. ,4 -f I fi'e ll- r.0 2.$ illi* {*quivalents} 1S ptl 6 5.u s r.s 2.0 OH- leguivalents' risur€ 3-1 2b (.nrt4{ tn{.i*l r}&h Uftad I j*\rl a,t*adr:diln4)t gf{r - 9.1 P{,n.* . s.o.: ?, Fl(.r,q ':1"81:: Glutamate Histidine A . .:l i.. , ,,, Bt *;: .i itsitl , "r:,,. D., . '1:;, ., ''h-', '', . -, iB: ttl, C, D C,t r' :, I aa- ,.] rl +:- '. a- -L "at- t iiv '' // L*: ). () Ccll- 2) With respect to an a-helix of the sequenceN-AAAAAAAA-C, are the followins a,-helices rnore or uences afe wntten N to u termrnus. lett to rrsht Sequence EAAEAAAA "DAAAAAAKI,. AAP,AA,EGA RAAAAAAE ARAAADAA AAWAAAW.4 More/Less . f{41 I s, e,l ql,ir !i {€t., Reason ii-u:\1 <,1 | :94*,/ _,.1' . ..,.,i." -t t: :. .. - :). -' 1r i:. i' DJ." + ./. Ll\,i :1 t t*t-j' , ^r I ;1,i''".' i - t",.,. :lx.Jdli,.il-. I * ittt:rat.i. . I' i;ir': less stable. and whv? All S itten N to C terminus. left 3) (based off Lehn. 4-3) Hair grows at a rate of 0.3 mm/day. A1l this slowth is concentrated at tire base o1' the hair fiber, where o-keratin filaments are synthesizedinside living epidermal cells ancl assembled into ropelike structures. The fundamental structural element of a-keratin is the cr-helix. Using what you klerri about the dimensions of an u-helix, about how many amino acids would be added
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[email protected] OH - Thu @ perks 12-1 pm or by appointment Week 2 L AMINO ACID BEVIEW - (write three letter, one letter code and charge, and which ones have sulfur.) a.) Non-polarhydrophobic 1.) "1.t,\ti[.]li, qL:\, r\ 2.) Leur , L- 3.) 6t! t G.r s.) Vai V 7.1 Vva ,ls b.) Polar charged 1.) Lys,kO 3.) Ar9, t fr s.) Asp, D t-) c.) Polar uncharged (which contain a hydroxyl in their R groups) L)${,rL, 5,oH 2.) Gi,t,G-a"''l'^ 3)avlr, T, oA +.) Asvr ' N ''- /' 5.)'Ijr, -.f ,ot! {anon,,,i;.) G.)C,l 5,C-LS) /\ 7.)(1lis), L\ 8.) 4,? r \d ll. Titration curve and ionization review. arati"tl { rto*ir both the amino terminus and the carboryl terminus is in its charged form. Predominates a neutral pH in biological systems. o ll HO-C H3N-C-H a ro!1 r7-r\-i:;; (. ZW\11erT*n-,t of {isofectric point} - Point were the amino acid carries AIO charge. o dt pH below their pl, amino acids carry net + charge; above their pl they carry a net - charge. o Amino acids with basic R groups have a t
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bibc100 handouts - Onur Erbilgin [email protected]..

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