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1) Draw what the amino acid will look like (which groups are protonated), and the overall charge of the aa at each labeled point. 2) With respect to an α-helix of the sequence N—AAAAAAAA—C, are the following α-helices more or less stable, and why? All Sequences are written N to C terminus, left to right. Sequence EAAEAAAA DAAAAAAK AAPAAAGA RAAAAAAE ARAAADAA AAWAAAWA More/Less less more less less more less Reason Electrostatic repulsion Neutralizing the dipole Proline and Glycine are present + at N term and – at C term will destabilize + residue and – residue are 4 aa apart, their side chains interact (electrostatic attraction) Steric hindrance – tryptophan is the biggest aa, and they are 4 residues apart
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Unformatted text preview: right on top of each other 3) (based off Lehn. 4-3) Hair grows at a rate of 0.3 mm/day. All this growth is concentrated at the base of the hair fiber, where -keratin filaments are synthesized inside living epidermal cells and assembled into ropelike structures. The fundamental structural element of -keratin is the -helix. Using what you know about the dimensions of an -helix, about how many amino acids would be added to a hair in one day, and what would the estimated MW be for these added amino acids? You only need to set up this problem. 0.3x10-3 m 1 1 turn 3.6 aa Day 10-10 m 5.4 1 turn Glutamate Histidine A B C D A B C D +1 0 -1 -2 A B D C A B C D = # of aa x 110 = MW...
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