Wekk 9 Mimi - BIBC 100Structural Biochemistry...

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BIBC 100 Structural Biochemistry Handout 9 (Lecture 23 -25) Ion ChanneF r Gated-chan,iels &rr:"\\ efern lc\o:e \\^ {€\Tc'ns< \o S?etr{"c oVoltagegated2\\o\rari'e-)t*'*rt'slrsa*r-o--e'Lf\ o Ligandgated \vgrlt"tcl e4 tieg'.w{ €t {€'^.-i*'wi. A o Mechanically gated flnt"1lr(c^\ s'tws5 acr\^.3 I c"vrcirnrlt.r','l e What distinguishes an ion channel from a pore? lononarnr.c\S crve \u3ht1 S€vct\ve { 3.^+.4 K* Channel (Bacteria) r LehnFig. 11.48andMolBioof CellFig. 11.23 . Structure: 4 identical twtns M€5 subunits form central pore o Each subunit has 2 TM alpha helices (inner & outer) and a .Pe*e helix o Selectivity loops come together to form '-JeFctvr !t S'r\i3< (c^<\ara5r g,tWS {.rov.,t gegtrr:t5bcgU\o.n-t- o'{ to,:g \rnX- .fo.i<_ d Nicotinic AcetylchoHne Receptor ic\ecrt dr:<osnc-r- {i:^C \a<r r Found in post-synaptic neuron and NMJ Ion channel but not for a specific ion; allows -p6\tw€ . ion$ Structure:S TM subunits (contains 2 AeH \o,wJr.rrcJ sr t<-: ) o Each subunit has 4 alpha helices (Ml * M4) o M2 helix is (Mv\o\A\ or^+v\\ L and lines the channel with Mimi Nguyen [email protected] OH Fri 10:3O-11:30am l" Floor S&E s*NtrLiLs ( t xrcrcr. .gr.\ A 1"r 1*1trz.\ 't) e?€vtlc\oaA- (te P'<Ss*r<' potassium residues a a
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Wekk 9 Mimi - BIBC 100Structural Biochemistry...

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