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ME 200 – Thermodynamics I Name: ______________________________ Fall 2009 (Last) (First) Thermo Number: _____________________ CIRCLE YOUR LECTURE BELOW Div. 1 – 8:30 am Div. 2 – 10:30 am Div. 3 – 1:30 pm Naik Lucht Mongia Div. 4 – 3:30 pm Div. 5 – 7:30 am Kim Hess FINAL EXAM INSTRUCTIONS This is a closed book and closed notes exam . Answer as many questions as you can in the allotted time. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you do not understand a problem statement. For your own benefit, please write clearly and legibly. Maximum credit for each problem is indicated below. To receive full credit for a problem, you must follow instructions, show all work, and write the answers in the appropriate boxes. For Problems 1 and 2, significant credit will be given if you start with the basic equation(s), list all assumption(s), and illustrate the method by which you propose to solve the problem correctly. Some parts of Problem 3 will be given no partial credit. Do not write on the back of any page. Material on the back of a page may not be graded. If additional pages are needed, ask for additional pages. Insert the extra pages in their proper order and staple them to the exam. The use of PDAs, Blackberry-type devices, cell phones, laptop computers, or any other sources of communication (wireless or otherwise) are strictly prohibited during examinations. Doing so is cheating. If you bring a cell phone or other communication devices to the examination, they must be turned off prior to the start of the exam, placed in your backpack, and the backpack stored below your seat , and only picked up as you leave the examination room for the final time. They are not to be turned on again until after you have exited the examination room. Otherwise it will be considered a form of cheating and treated as such. Problem Possible Score 1 55 2 45 3 60 Total 160
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Name: __________________________________ Thermo No: _____________________ (Last) (First) Problem 1: (55 points) Given: Consider a power plant based on Rankine cycle. Saturated water vapor at 20 bar (state 1) is expanded through an adiabatic, irreversible steam turbine to a pressure of 0.1 bar (state 2). The isentropic efficiency of the turbine is 85%. Water-vapor mixture exiting the turbine is cooled so that saturated liquid water at 0.1 bar (state 3) exits the condenser. Saturated liquid water leaving the condenser is compressed using an adiabatic, irreversible pump to 20 bar (state 4).
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FinalExam_2009Fall - ME 200 Thermodynamics I Fall 2009...

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