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Jeff Bouton Contribution Rough Draft November 17, 2009 It is questionable as to whether comics are a medium for kids, adults, or both. Comics have their share of children and their share of adults who read and follow them. Even though the people who buy the most comic books are adults, children should be the main focus of comic book producers and publishers. Comics should become mainly a child focused medium for a couple of reasons. First of all the comic book industry depends on children. Then Comic books don’t really need to be altered too much to attract more young readers. Lastly, there have been watered down comics for years just not really with the intention of This is important because it could be beneficial to more than the comic book industry by getting more children to read. I feel that for the past fifty years after the comic book code, which limited the content that could be written in comic books, or at least did so until recently when a ratings system was established by DC comics, that comic book producers were still trying to sell their watered down comics to adults. The code was put in place because as psychologist Dr. Frederic Wertham says in his novel Seduction of the Innocent , “…every imaginable crime is described in detail in comic books (Wertham 157). Now since times have changed with the new rating system, and more mature themes can once again be published in them, I feel that comics will again still be focused on adults because after all they are the ones who are the source of most of the revenue the comic book producers make. I think this is the wrong path to take for these producers for the reasons I have stated above, the main one being that children are the source of the comic book industries success. Children the Source for Success
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Both children and adults read comics, but something they share in common is the age at which they started reading comic books. The adults who read comic books usually pick up this hobby at a young age when they are still learning to read. Naturally on average people start reading comics at a young adolescent age because comics are one of the next steps in reading difficulty after picture books. They aren’t difficult to read, there’s not too difficult of a vocabulary involved, and they are short, only twenty-four pages most of the space which is taken up by pictures, and how many ten year old kids dislike superheroes? Some people grow very fond of comics and continue to read them while others lose interest in them or feel like they are too old for them, which I don’t agree with. These people who continue to read comics are the people who are driving the comic book industry. While there are a higher percentage of people who are in their adolescence that read comics, there are a larger number of people who are older then eighteen who make the total number of readers higher among the older age demographic. These adult readers can also access
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Contribution draft - Jeff Bouton Contribution Rough Draft...

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