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Jeff Bouton Contribution Rough Draft November 17, 2009 There has always been a debate about whether comics are a medium for kids or adults. Comics have their share of children and their share of adults who read them. But for the most part, especially in the present day, comics have been associated with children. Why is this? Because it is for the most part true like all stereotypes. Comics have became a children’s medium for a couple of reasons. They have more to offer to children than adults. All comics offer an entertainment value to whomever reads them, adults or kids, but kids can use as a next step in their literary education level after picture book. For fifty years the content wasn’t intriguing for adults so the industry shifted to suit younger audiences. The comic book code eliminated from comics most of the qualities of entertainment that made them enjoyable for adults, mainly to prevent children from exposure to mature themes that they might not be read for. Decreasing the vulgarity in comics leaves a lot of the material open to only produce child friendly themes under the monitored code. Most adults even look
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Contribution rough draft - Jeff Bouton Contribution Rough...

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