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Kill v Captain America

Kill v Captain America - army The comic is saying that...

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Jeff Bouton October 19, 2009 Interpretation and Argument Captain America and Kill , two comics written less than a decade apart, differ drastically in their ideologies. Captain America , written during the World War II era, is pro war while Kill , about the Korean War, is against war and killing. Captain America was written on the basis behind the media’s support behind America during WWII. It helped sell copies through it’s clearly shown ideologies. Captain America was clearly trying to hurt Fang and the rest of his Asian gang, who were stereotypically depicted as Asians with their hats, samurai swords, and slanted eyes. They were all given an evil look especially Fang who looked more like an ape than a human. Then somehow Captain America goes in and defeats a whole gang with ease representing what Americans thought about the power of their country and its army. Kill on the other hand places a completely different view about the United States and it’s
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Unformatted text preview: army. The comic is saying that those who look to kill are looking to get killed. The American Abner and the Korean Li, both blood thirsty as shown by them constantly honing their weapons, both seek to kill, and both get killed. Also what the comic is trying to show is that everybody who is fighting is human and just like each other. The Koreans and Americans in Kill were dressed in similarly fashioned uniforms, and the slanted Asian eyes were not very noticeable. They look the same. They act the same. Essentially they are the same. In Kill there aren’t sides like heroes and villains, or good guys verses bad guys, there are just humans. The last line of the comic sums it up best, “Regard no man’s life cheaper than your own! Respect and cherish life and then, truly…’thou SHALT not kill!’” (6). That’s the difference between the two comics, Kill is against fighting while Captain America is for it....
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Kill v Captain America - army The comic is saying that...

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