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Jeff Bouton October 18, 2009 Interpretation and Argument Revision Statement So far my paper is not nearly what I want the finished product to be. In fact, I didn’t even edit my rough draft at all. It’s pretty wordy. In general I sort of rushed this rough draft to get some length and have something to show in class. This would lead me to leave out many important details and concepts in my paper. I haven’t completely reread everything yet to include many details. I have re-read some of them and skimmed the rest of them to refresh my mind on the authors’ main ideas. Still this hasn’t provided me with enough information to write a good paper yet. Several other things I have left out of my paper that could improve it are a what’s at stake, transitions, and signposting. I didn’t think about what’s at stake when I was writing the
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Unformatted text preview: paper. I’m sure I will be able to find something. I didn’t give the idea too much thought. As far as my transitions go I was just writing down some information about each author and their ideas (I should include the titles of their works too). Since I didn’t include too many details these paragraphs are by no means complete so I didn’t bother trying to include transitions. I haven’t included any signposting either. I don’t really refer back to my question at all or let people know where I am at in my essay. Overall, I would say my paper isn’t very clear yet and still needs lots of work. I need to edit what I have written so far and add more details to go along with making everything flow better....
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