Homework 1 F 2009 - Brazil Mexico China USA Germany Japan...

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memo 1. Short Answers a. Please consider and discuss three possible economic functions of government. In your discussion please state why you feel each function is necessary or important. Do not copy this from an internet site. If you are quoting someone else, please cite attribution. No more than 3 sentences per function. b. What are some of the consequences that you see to globalizing oligopolies be formed in many key world industries? 2. Problem Canswicki: 1 can baby formula = 2 cans tuna fish Tunata: 1 can baby formula = 4 cans tuna fish In which product should each nation specialize? Explain if each nation will accept trade conditions in which 1 can bay formula = 21/2 cans tuna fish. 3. Trade Prepare a graph of the merchandise exports and imports of the following countries in the year 2007 using data from the WTO website: Nigeria
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Unformatted text preview: Brazil Mexico China USA Germany Japan UK South Africa Qatar South Korea 70-100 Global Business F 2009 To: Class From: Milton L. Cofield, Ph.D. CC: Qi Cao Date: 8/28/2009 Re: Homework Assignment I Comments: Please print the assignment using a printer device and also deposit a copy of it in the drop box of blackboard. If you do not know how to deposit a document in blackboard, please contact the TA. memo Now prepare a graph of exports minus imports for the same countries. Based upon these graphs what conclusions do you draw from the export and import data about the impact of government policies, economic systems, and strength and diversity in the sectors of the economy of each of these countries? What does the data about exports-imports tell you about trade surpluses or deficits and government policies in these countries?...
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Homework 1 F 2009 - Brazil Mexico China USA Germany Japan...

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