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IMM 5754 (06-2018) E GCMSApplication no.: UCI: Date: TypeValidity Document Number Dear Your application to remain in Canada as a temporary resident has been approved.A secure document has been mailed to you at the address that you provided when you made your application.If you have not received your secure document within six weeks,. This letter is not valid for travel and is not a permit allowing you to remain in Canada.
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Unformatted text preview:Sincerely, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada **This is an automatically generated letter and does not require a signature.** contact IRCC August 02, 2019 11-1534-3750 *1115343750* S303334116 *S303334116* ADNAN ARSHAD 903 Carrigan Pl Winnipeg MB R3T 4P9 Canada ADNAN ARSHAD, Permit - SP-EXT / Permis - PE-PR 2022/07/31 F312666626