BrainDrain - The issue of "Brain Drain" deals...

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The issue of “Brain Drain” deals with multiple countries that educate health care professionals only to have them leave the country in order to take a job in a wealthier country. The numbers of health care professionals that continually escape the poverty and unhealthy environments are staggering. In many countries such as Zimbabwe, Kadoma, Zambia, and more are losing at least two thirds of the people they have trained and in many cases much more. In some countries there is an abundance of donated treatment but because of the lack of physician’s distribution the treatment becomes impracticable. There are many startling effects on the weakening global health economy and sadly of the factors are due to brain drain. I propose in this paper that brain drain is morally and ethically wrong and Utilitarianism is more promising theory in arguing this fact as opposed to the Social Contract Theory. The Social Contract Theory essentially holds that in order for a population to live peacefully everyone must follow the same rules and give up some rights for in this kind of a society everyone will better off. This will create a society that will strive the benefit every person with a disregard of exclusive personal motives. If we were all to watch out for ourselves only then the society will fall apart in a state of constant competition, fear, and distrust. Hobbes called this kind of society “state of nature” where there is little hope for success for one is never at rest. If everyone can submit themselves to a higher administration or authority and in return receive certain rights that will allow life to be lived not in a constant state of fear then everyone can and will succeed. In order to benefit a society and the people within that society, it is a health care
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BrainDrain - The issue of "Brain Drain" deals...

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