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reflection2.17 - appear as the best option I have available...

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Perhaps it’s because we didn’t get to it in time in last week’s discussion, but I had thought that the most important question left unanswered was “which actions are voluntary?” It is not surprising that many spheres within the human life are overlapping. When one makes a decision it is based primarily on the fact that he/she wanted to but then also because the previous accounts and situations that have led up to the deciding factor. These previous accounts and situation also have an effect on the decision maker as well as the decision. Of course these statements may seem rather blunt, but when asking the question “which actions are voluntary” one is left thinking “did I make this decision because I wanted to or because the events in my life have made this decision to
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Unformatted text preview: appear as the best option I have available right now?” “Am I what I was intended to be or just what my environment made me?” “How much will I let my surroundings affect my personality and decision making?” And then this also overlaps with the question we had previously in class asking how to correctly state the argument. There are many overlapping spheres to the human life each affecting every human in a different way. This results in every person becoming completely unique in their own. To devise an efficient health care plan to include all persons would require a physician, anthropologist, teacher, parent, government, etc. One all mighty person cannot possibly know what is best for every individual....
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