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Prof. S. Chodorow Office Hour: Thurs. 9:30-10:30 and by appointment Office: HHS 6059 Email: [email protected] Information about Humanities 1, Winter 2010 Syllabus The syllabus is on the web site of the course. Go to the WebCT server, http://webctweb.ucsd.edu ; sign in with your UCSD username and password; click on Humanites 1. You can use the web site with Macs or PCs. The class web site contains the syllabus, maps, announcements, and slide lectures. There is also a discussion board so you can post questions for me, for the TAs, and for your fellow students on the readings, lectures, and discussions in section. Communications I have not given a phone number, because my campus office does not have a phone. The best way to communicate with me is by email. I will try to answer email quickly though if you drop me a note at 2AM, don’t expect an answer until the next morning. Occasionally, I will communicate with the class by email to make an announcement or inform you of something you should know.
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