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Chem 6A syllabus_D00 - Chemistry 6A Syllabus Fall 2009...

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Chemistry 6A Syllabus Fall 2009 Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry University of California at San Diego MWF 9:00-9:50 AM Instructor: Dr. Christina M. Stuart E-mail: Phone: 246-0669 Office: 1101C Natural Sciences Building Office Hours: MWF 10:30-12:30 or by appointment TAs: See WebCT Homepage TA Office Hours: See WebCT Homepage Required Materials: 1) Textbook: Chemical Principles: The Quest For Insight (4 th Edition) By Loretta Jones and Peter Atkins 2) ALEKS homework and learning assessment system 3) i-Clicker transmitter 4) TI-30X IIS Calculator (or similar non-graphing calculator) 5) OPTIONAL: Student Solution Manual and Study Guide Course Objectives: Chemistry 6A is the first part of a three-part series covering topics in General Chemistry. This course will focus on topics discussed in Fundamentals and Chapters 1- 5 of the textbook. The goal of the course is to help you develop skills that allow you to critically think about scientific problems. Course websites: Click chem 6A’ Check the website frequently for the course announcements, the discussion forum and grades. The discussion forum can be accessed via the homepage of WebCT. Questions about the course or material can be posted if clarification is needed. Discussions of the class and content amongst students are encouraged. However, postings must be kept professional , which means your language in the posting should be kept clean. I will also be checking the board to answer questions. Participation: We will be using the iClicker system. The system allows you to respond to questions posed during lecture. It will allow me to gauge your understanding of the material and to start discussions. You will receive 30 participation points for using your iClicker IF you participate in 75% of the lectures. These participation points can be used to replace your lowest quiz score. You must have your iClicker with you in class to receive points. Before using your iClicker, you must register it. The directions on how to do this are listed below. Homework: We will be using an online homework and learning system called ALEKS. You MUST take an initial assessment. This initial assessment evaluates your knowledge as you are
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entering the course. The ALEKS system evaluates what you know and provides you with material that you are ready to learn to maximize your learning. Therefore, it is important to take the assessment independently, carefully and honestly. If you use outside materials, the program will present you with problems that you are not ready for. Answering questions randomly means ALEKS will force you to work through material you know already. The initial assessment does not contribute to your homework grade, but it will greatly impact your experience with ALEKS. The initial assessment is a series of 25-30 questions and should take you 1 - 1
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Chem 6A syllabus_D00 - Chemistry 6A Syllabus Fall 2009...

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