Jeffersonian Democracy

Jeffersonian Democracy - Jeffersonian Democracy,...

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Jeffersonian Democracy, (1802-1816) 1. Election of 1800 a. Sees this election as a revolution 2. Barbary States 3. Marbury v. Madison 4. Other Domestic Issues 5. Yet more problems with Europe Election of 1800 Jefferson does not like most of the things that the previous two presidents had made mistakes He planned on backing up and ‘fixing these mistakes” The ‘revolution’ was to resolve the “tyranny” of the Federalists. Europe was still watching this because it was the first real ‘change of power’ The Feds go with Jefferson, the D.R.’s go with Adams and a man named Aaron Burr. Much ‘mud-slinging’ goes on during this election. Jefferson ties with Aaron Burr for the presidency. o Everybody expects Burr to let Burr have the office o Burr does not give up. o This does not sit well with Jefferson In the case of a tie, the decision goes to the House of Representatives. Many federalists lean towards Burr, and it looks like Burr might be president.
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Jeffersonian Democracy - Jeffersonian Democracy,...

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