Jefferson - Jefferson's Presidency Not many changes for...

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Jefferson’s Presidency Not many changes for Jefferson’s supposed “revolution” Leaves the bank Most programs remain the same Two important events occur during this time The international slave trade ends in 1808 o 300,000 slaves are smuggled in between this point and the Civil War The Louisiana Purchase is…well…purchased. o When Jefferson gets into office, Spain is weak. o Napoleon, the leader of France, forces Spain to sell Louisiana o He then plans to recapture Santo Domingo. Napoleon sends a group of the French army. These soldiers are wiped out. Napoleon backs off the Louisiana plans o Back in Europe, France and England are about to go to war. o It is feared that the Americans would side with England o Jefferson sends James Monroe and Robert Livingston to France to buy the Louisiana territory. Jefferson’s not sure his decision to purchase Louisiana is constitutional, but he thinks it’s a good idea for the country. Other Democratic-Republicans don’t like it, but the President overrides them. So Louisiana becomes part of the United States, and gains use of the Mississippi River and the Port of New Orleans o Louisiana was purchased for 13 cents an acre and the United States doubled in size. All Spanish in French citizens in the territory are ‘given’ to America. Lewis and Clark They are commissioned to go explore what was just purchased
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Congress appropriates $2,500 for the expedition They are gone for 1.5 years This is the first American journey to the Pacific on land. They have many duties to perform They must study the Native American tribes Study plants, wildlife, rocks, etc. Evaluate the potential for British and French interference. o
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Jefferson - Jefferson's Presidency Not many changes for...

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