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JAPN 1001/1101 Homework Assignment 03 Instructor: Name L1B: Utilization ( pp. 46 – 7 ) What do you say under the following circumstances? Create natural conversational sequences. Make sure you provide an appropriate reply or preceding stimulus. Each homework assignment must be typed and at least 90% complete at the beginning of the class to be considered for a grade. 17) A: Ii desu ka B: Iie, yoku nai desu yo 18) A: Atarasii desu ka
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Unformatted text preview: B: Ee, Atarasii desu yo 19) A: Hurui desu ne B: Iie, Huruku nai desu yo 20) A: Yoku nai desu nee B: Ee. Komarimasita nee 21) A: Yoku ikimasu nee B: Ee, maa 22) A: Ookii desu ka? B: Ee. Tiisaku dekimasen ka 23) A: Wakarimasen ka B: Iie, Moosiwake gozaimasu 24) A: Nomimasu ka B: Iie, yoku nai desu nomimasu 25) A: Tabemasu ka B: Hai, kinoo tabemasu yo 26) A: Yoku nai desu ka B: Maa-maa desu nee 1...
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