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quiz 2

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Quiz 2 Name 1. A personnel o cer for a rm that employs many part-time salespeople tries out a sales-aptitude test on several hundred applicants. Because the test is unproven, result are not used in hiring. Forty percent of applicants show high aptitude on the test and 12% of those hired both show high aptitude and achieve good sales record. The rm’s experience shows that 30% of all salespeople achieve good sales. Let A be the event "shows high aptitude" and let B be the event "achieves good sales". a. Find P(A), P(A and B), and P(B j A). b. Are A and B independent? 2. A manufacturer of snack crackers introduces several new products each year. About 60% of the introductions are failures, 30% are moderate success, and 10% are major successes. To try to improve the odds, the manufacturer tests new products in a customer tasting panel. Of the failures, 50% receive a poor rating, 30% a fair rating, and 20% a good rating. For the moderate successes,
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